Ogerbeads Bracelet Review and Promo!

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a new edition to the Ogerbeads line and a fantastic Promotion!

Ogerbeads Signature Bracelet and Stopper is finally available! Not only is it available but starting today there is also a fantastic promotion, for €89 you will receive a bracelet, stopper and 3 glass beads, photos of available sets are at the bottom of this article. Stoppers are available individually for those who would like a second stopper.

The Ogerbeads Bracelet is rather nice, I was lucky enough to receive one prior to the release so, I have had the chance to wear the bracelet daily prior to this review with no issues at all. The bracelet is a beautiful rope design with a Pandora style connected lock. The lock is round with what looks to be scales and the Ogerbeads symbol an O with Sherk-like ears.

Here you can see the Ogerbeads Signature symbol up-close.

The stoppers have been popular on social media! I personally love these stoppers, as you can see it’s a bubble-like design all the way around trimmed in smaller bubbles. The stoppers are great they hold really well on the bracelet and are easy to put on and remove. I have been using two stoppers with three to five beads on this bracelet, they have held the beads perfectly in place. I also tried the stoppers on a Trollbeads Bangle and they fit securely, so these stoppers will be versatile in any collection.

Here is an up-close view of the chain itself.

Bracelets are available in sizes 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 cm.

In the next three photos, I have placed several combinations together. These beads are not included in the promo; however, you may purchase them separately on either website. I will share with you the twelve sets you may choose from, further down.

In this combination, I have from left to right Ogerbeads Fairy Pink Crowns (€27), Fairy Pink Fragments (€32), and Fairy Pink Magic Lights (€27) on the Signature Bracelet with one stopper. These three beads are so much fun, such a bright glowing hot pink with a little purple mixed in.

In this combination, you will find left to right Ogerbeads Fairy Garden Crowns (€27), Caribbean Glass Stone Fragments (€32), and Fairy Garden Magic Lights (€27) on the Signature Bracelet with one stopper. This is one of the most beautiful set of Ogerbeads that I have. These remind me of the ocean in the Caribbean.

In this combination, you will find from left to right Ogerbeads Candy Pink Glass Stone Fragments (€32), Sweet Candy Blobs (€27), and Bubblegum Flux Fragments (€32).  The Flux fragments are a brand-new design and comes in several colors, this is an Armadillo style glass that is faceted which gives it such a unique look. all three glasses have a rich bubblegum color and go so well together. I think these three would be perfect to complement Bracelet Deal 01!

Now for the deal of the year! For €89 you receive a bracelet, one stopper and a set of three glass beads.  There are twelve sets to choose from and you may preorder today! Release day is October 6th and both Ogerbeads and Pianeta Beads will ship out that week.

Here are the twelve sets to choose from.

Over all, I think this is a fantastic deal. I like that you can choose the beads you receive and you get this all at a great price, so more bang for your bucks! You really can’t go wrong with this deal.

In the last few days Pianeta Beads announced on Social Media they are now an Authorized retailer of Ogerbeads, which is exciting because not only are they a great new place to buy this brand, they will also be the first store to carry the new universal core! So, this is great news for those who wanted beads to fit their screw end bracelets like Ohm, Pandora and Chamilia. Ogerbeads will continue to carry classic core on their website. So, you still have a choice of core size for now.

If you are ready to shop you may do so by clicking one of the banners below to be redirected to either Ogerbeads or Pianeta Beads website.

As always, I love hearing from you all, so hit the comment button below and let me know what you think of this great deal? Which bracelet deal is your favorite? I think deal o2 is my favorite! I hope you all enjoyed this article and found it somewhat helpful.







7 responses to “Ogerbeads Bracelet Review and Promo!

  1. Hi Paula,
    I think it’s a great deal and maybe I will buy one of these sets. I like Number 1 but they are all pretty. When does the promo end? Thanks for the great information!


    • Hi Nicole, currently it is in the preorder phase and release is October 6th and this promo will run until December 31st. Set 1 and 2 are my favorites. I think you will love the first set.


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