Beauty Beads Vampire Cat Review

Today Beadsaholic introduces a new brand to the blog with a review of Beauty Beads Vampire Cat!

Beauty Beads Vampire Cat is a limited edition oxidized sterling silver black cat with bat wings and little fangs. This bead is a nice size measuring 16 x 22 mm. The Beauty Beads brand is designed and sold by Perlen.  Vampire Cat retails for $43.86/ €36.96

Below I have taken macros photos showing some of the details of this adorable bead. This is a smooth and highly reflective bead which wasn’t easy to photograph, but I hope it shows how truly cute this bead is.

Watch out! You might get bitten by this captivating little creature with large wings and tiny fangs.

This is a full-bodied Cat complete with a cute little tail in the back.

With a bit of darkness this bead is perfect for Halloween. I truly love black cats and bats; so, this was a must have for me. Here I have placed it with Ogerbeads on an Ogerbeads bracelet.

Here you can see how cute the Vampire Cat face is, I adore his expression. I have placed him on a Trollbeads Star Bangle long with two Beauty Beads Pastel Licorice (retails for $33.49 /€28.23 and available here < click) and Ogerbeads Stoppers.

I really love the Vampire Cat mixed in with Ohm Beads. Here I have Two Ohm Tartan Gore on the ends, Two Ohm Dark Soul, Ohm Drops of life and Trollbeads Night Sky Spacer on a Trollbeads Star Bangle.

Wrist Shots!

Over all, this is a wonderful bead and is a good size for the price. It is oxidized which really adds to this mythical nocturnal creature and would be the perfect focal for a Halloween themed bracelet. This bead is limited edition and only available at Perlen. If you would like this bead or just want to browse the Beauty Beads line then click the banner below to be redirected to the Perlen website.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of Beauty Beads Vampire Cat? Have you checked out any of the Beauty Beads available at Perlen?





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