Ohm Beads Lucky Stars Exclusive at Star Bijou!

Today Beadsaholic brings an exciting preview of Ohm Beads Lucky Stars exclusive to Star Bijou!

Ohm Beads Lucky Stars is an exclusive to Star Bijou in Berlin, Germany. Lucky Stars is an event bead and will debut at the Ohm in Berlin Event on October 21st. This is one event I wish I could attend, there will be more info to come about the event but for now I will just be covering this exclusive. There are two versions of Lucky Stars available, a Limited Edition Two-tone Lucky Stars which is limited to only three-hundred and thirty-three (333) pieces. Two-tone LE Lucky Stars will retail for €142. The second version is an all silver Lucky Stars and this bead will not be limited and will retail for €47. Both beads are exclusive and can only be purchased at Star Bijou. There will be a limited amount of the LE Lucky Stars available for preorder today and the rest will be held back for the event. So, if you are going to the event, don’t worry as they will be available in store on event day.

Ohm Beads LE Lucky Stars 

Retails €142 – Limited 333 pieces, store exclusive.

UPDATE: The Limited Edition is no longer available online, as stock has been depleted. the remaining stock will be available at the in store event on October 21st, you may check the site after the event to see if there were any left over, but by the response this morning it is doubtful. Please note that the all silver version is not limited and are available as well.

All photos courtesy of Ohm Beads.

Ohm Beads Lucky Stars 

Retails €47 – Unlimited store exclusive


Over all, both beads remind me of Ohm Beads Lucky Moves, Dirty Moves and Moving On, it is the same concept and style. I feel these two designs will be just as popular as the different versions of Lucky Moves. I truly love both beads and think they would be perfect in pairs in a celestial combination. These are a must have for me and I’m sure for many of you, too!

If you would like to preorder either bead you may do so by clicking  the banner link below.

Star Bijou ships world wide. Shipping is free within Europe and is free outside of Europe on order $100+. For those of us outside of Europe they offer vat free shopping.


If you would like more information on the Ohm in Berlin Event click here.


As always, I love hearing from you all, so please leave a comment below. Will you be attending the Ohm in Berlin event? What are your thoughts on this store exclusive? Which will you be ordering?





4 responses to “Ohm Beads Lucky Stars Exclusive at Star Bijou!

  1. Hi, I’ve visited Star Bijou… and I saw the information about limited open Your heart bead – do You know anything about this? Is it available only october the 21st? Or online as well?
    I’m watching Your blog carefully for last weeks and I’m enchanted by Your bracelets inspirations 🙂


    • Hi Ela! Thank you so very much for the kind words and for following Beadsaholic! Ohm Beads Open Your Heart will only he available on the 21st and will be available for online customers. You will love this bead and it is well worth purchasing beads off your wish list to get this bead free. ❤️ XO


      • Believe me I am trying to chase each heart bead from OHM that is limited and didn’t succeed yet so I am going to get this one whatsoever;)
        And because my OHM wishes cost quite something…and Lucky Star (silver) are not limited … I can gather 300€ somehow! Thank You for Your answear and keep on blogging I Love Your inspirations;)

        Liked by 1 person

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