True Beadz Autumn 2017 Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the new Autumn release from True Beadz!

True Beadz Autumn 2017 will debut on November 7th, 2017; however, you may preorder on October 2oth through Beads Fanatic. This release consists of a collection of four beads True Beadz 2017, Bridge, Desert and Olive.

True Beadz 2017 marks the Anniversary of True Beadz. It is barrel shape with a medieval feel to it, the bead’s design resembles that of a castle’s wall and is adorned with the True Beadz symbol. This bead retails for $100.

True Beadz Bridge resembles an old brick bridge or walkway. The sides are decorative and resembles the under pass of a beautiful old bridge. I think this bead would be perfect in pairs or as an end cap, a plain stopper would allow for the details to show beautifully.  This bead retails for $45

True Beadz Olive is a beautiful wooden bead and according to Beads Fanatic it is the lightest wooden bead they have received. This bead has beautiful markings and I think it will mix well with Autumn colors. This bead retails at $40

True Beadz Desert is a beautiful glass bead with mixtures of cream, caramel and touches of chocolate. True Beadz have out done themselves with this design, it is sure to be a favorite. This bead retails for $35

Over all, I think many will be happy with this release. I feel that the colors and textures is keeping with the medieval theme that many love about True Beadz, plus they are the perfect Autumn colors.

If you would like to preorder any or all of this collection it will be available for preorders on October 20th at Beads Fanatic, you may browse their selection of True Beadz on their website by clicking the banner link below.

Beads Fanatic offers free shipping with in Europe and Vat Free for those of us outside of Europe.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of the latest release from True Beadz? Is there any you must have?





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