Ohm Beads Baby Argh Review

Today Beadsaholic brings the Review of Ohm Beads Baby Argh!

I am lucky to have this little guy visiting, Ohm Beads Baby Argh swam in for a visit and will soon be swimming to Europe, but in the meantime, we are having a bit of fun! He has convinced me that I need my own Baby Argh!

Ohm Beads Baby Argh (AAH035) is such an adorable bead! Anyone who missed out on Argh September 2015 BOTM, won’t want to miss this little guy. Not quite the size of Argh, but is the perfect size to wear on a bracelet or on a Ball Chain. Baby Argh retails for $85 / €79

I have taken some macros photos to show the details of Baby Argh at every angle. I adore the details of this bead.

As you can see here the top and bottom are open which allows for more than one way to wear on a bracelet and allows for Baby Argh to be worn on Ohm Ball Necklace.

An unhappy diver spent his days doing… nothing. Argh at life. Argh at responsibilities. Argh at everything! – he thought. If he could only find a treasure – then there would be money, fame and happiness! #WishfulThinking

One day while diving he found a pirate shipwreck and a half-open treasure chest nearby. Inside the chest was sand. Argh! Someone got here before me – he thought. As he reached in a tiny octopus scurried out spraying him in an inky cloud. Mother… Argh! – he thought and as he tried to swim away.

He fumbled around inside the chest for a while before finding a tiny bottle. What the… Argh?!? – he thought. Disappointed with finding no other treasures, he returned to the surface with the bottle in hand. There was a note inside the bottle that read:

Ahoy Faithful Explorer,

Yur unhappy because ya think yur alone. Ya live apart!! Ya hunt for more. More fame, mor’stuff, mor’everythin’ BUT why do you Argh at everythin’?

Know this: no valuables get kept. Ya can’ bring anything wit’ya when ya die. Death might tap on your shoulder anny moment. Ya only have time for dem ya love; yur life; yur family; yur friends. Don’t Argh!

You have already found your treasure. Your true treasure are your loves. Now – do something, you lazy Argh! #DoSomething

Here I have mix Ohm Beads, Trollbeads, Pandora and Reller! I think these beads mix well together and I really love this theme. It reminds me of fun times at my most favorite place in the world, the BEACH!

Now for some up-close photos of some of the silvers on this bracelet.

Ohm Beads Striped Sailfish – it took me a while to find this bead as it’s long retired. I had to have it as soon as I saw it and you can see why in this photo!

Ohm Beads Bucket List – When this bead came out it went straight on my want list. This is such a fun bead and the Beach is always on my bucket list. Bucket list retails for $40 / €33.59

Pandora Seashell next to two beautiful Trollbeads uniques.

Pandora Turquoise Sea Star (available on Rue La La for $29! <Click here>)

Trollbeads Seals is such an adorable bead. Seals retails for $46 / €42.32

Trollbeads Whale Spirits. No ocean theme would be complete without whales! $46 / €42.32

Trollbeads Treasures is adorned with a starfish and coral. This is such a pretty bead and perfect for a beach theme. Treasures retails for $56 /€51.06

Trollbeads Mermaid is a smaller bead; however, it has lots of personality and the cutest most serene face. Mermaid retails for $31 / €28.22

Ohm Beads Baby Argh works two different ways on a bracelet, as seen above and below.

Over all, Baby Argh is adorable and a must have for any sea lover! It doesn’t have to be summer to wear a beautiful beach theme, I personally love the beach during the winter months, besides what better escape on a grey day?

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As always, I love hearing from you all. Do you have Ohm Beads Baby Argh? What are your thoughts of this bead? If not is this bead on your wish list?





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