Ogerbeads Colorado Bubbles, Blue Raspberry Flux and Colorado Hearts Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of three beads by Ogerbeads!

Ogerbeads Colorado Bubbles, Blue Raspberry Flux and Colorado Hearts are the perfect beads to brighten up your grey days! I will say that pictures do not do these beads justice. Each bead has a touch of purple, which is rather hard to pick up in photos on some. I truly enjoy the Ogerbeads line, especially the smooth and fragmented beads. Classic core is available only at Ogerbeads and universal core at Ogerbeads retailers.

Ogerbeads Blue Raspberry Flux is a beautiful faceted Armadillo design. You cannot see in my photos but there is a tad of a purple-violet shade. I really love this bead and I know many of you will, too. This bead retails for €32; however, this bead is currently sold out at both Ogerbeads and Pianeta Beads, but will be restocked soon.

Ogerbeads fragmented and smooth beads are all consistant in size with each other and comparable to standard sized Trollbeads. Here are a few close-up photos at different angles.

Ogerbeads Colorado Hearts is truly a beautiful bead with shades of blue, purple and a touch fuchsia. This is a standard size bead with raised puffy hearts all the way around, also you will notice a little added design on the side that you can see better in the second photo.  This bead retails for €27.

Please note that beads with raised designs run larger than average beads in the collection and are similar in size to jumbo uniques by Trollbeads: however, the size of the beads are consistent with other raised designs as you will see in photos of the three glasses together.

I adore this photo and love the artistic design of this bead. It is stunning!

Ogerbeads Colorado Bubbles is another great design the variation in color of the bubbles is simply amazing and a bit psychedelic.  The bead has a basic size deep wine core with raised large and small bubbles. I have included three photos to try and catch all the colors of the bubbles. This bead retails for €27.

The colors of these beads truly complement each other. As you can see the two beads on the left and right are both the same in size.  I would personally love a second Blue Raspberry Flux to frame the Colorado Hearts or Bubbles, as they would make the perfect focal.

If you have the Ohm Beads Love Kills, it is perfect with the Colorado Heart and bubbles. I wore these three together on the Ogerbeads bracelets and stacked it with the Blue Raspberry on the Trollbeads bangle.

Over all, these are great beads, I tend to shy away from any beads with royal blue except during national holidays, but I love the added touch of purple to these beads and will personally wear them in my combos. Besides, blue is this seasons color! So, I suspect you will see them in my photos on social media from time to time in, especially in a celestial combo.

If you would like to order any of the beads here in this article you may do so by clicking either of the banner links below. Please note that Ogerbeads carries the classic core and Pianeta Beads carries the universal core. Both sites are currently out of stock on the Blue Raspberry Flux but should be restocked soon.

Also, those shopping outside of Europe both sites offer vat free shopping, be sure to create an account to see prices without vat.


As always, I love hearing your feedback, so please leave me a comment below. What do you think of these three beads from Ogerbeads? Have you ordered any beads from this brand yet?






3 responses to “Ogerbeads Colorado Bubbles, Blue Raspberry Flux and Colorado Hearts Review

  1. Because of Your previous reviews I bought my first ever Ogerbeads (The deal with bracelet nad three beads, set number 3). I got it today and have to say WOW!!! The beads, like every single one of them is fantastic quality, colour and just perfect and the bracelet is so pretty that I like it almost more than my classic Trollbeads bracelets…
    Paula, I have to tell You that although I like very much some other bead blogs this is why I just adore Yours ❤ Because only thank to You I got to know brands like Ogerbeads, Bella Fascini or Cristy Cali…
    THANK YOU oxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much, Ela, so very kind of you to say. I am so happy you enjoy the blog and the new brands I’m sharing. I hope to be able to mix it up and share more fantastic beads and brands!

      I completely agree. I adore Ogerbeads and the quality is fantastic. I hope you enjoy your new beads and bracelet. I love that the Ogerbeads bracelet works well with Trollbeads ❤️


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