Bella Fascini Halloween Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Bella Fascini Halloween Collection!

I must say that this collection is rather fun. I have had fun putting this Halloween combination together and have been wearing it since! This collection was a little late debuting; however, they were well worth the wait! The size and designs are fantastic. In addition to the previously released Pumpkin Jackie-O and Pumpkin Black Magic Jack (both previously sold out and are back in stock) Bella Fascini has added two new Haunting Ghost, a wickedly cool Haunted House, a Carving the Pumpkin for traditions and an all new Wicked Witch with lots of new details.

I went with traditional Halloween colors when picking out beads for this combination and have taken a few different photos showing each part of the bracelet.

Halloween Wicked Witch Potion Cauldron Bead is one of my favorite Bella Fascini Beads, I have the original witch from last year (pictured below on the left) and honestly, I didn’t think it could be made any better; however, Bella Fascini out done themselves with their new and improved Witch! As you can see below (witch on the right) the details of the new witch are amazing!  This bead is still at the fantastic low price of $28

I have taken a few up-close photos so that you can really see how well detailed this bead actually is. in this first photo you can see the wood, fire, overflowing pot as this Wicked Witch stirs her pot. I adore her face, hat and flowing hair.

I love that the concoction she is creating is bubbling!

Backside of this Wicked Witch is just as detailed as the front.

Halloween Witch Hat Haunted House Bead – I was excited to see a haunted house being added to the collection and this is one spooky house! The door is the shape of a coffin and has a cool bat on it.  This bead retails for $30

At the top of the Haunted House is a witch’s hat and a spooky ghost!

From the side you can see the witch’s hat rather well and of course being that this is a haunted witch’s house there is a cauldron on the side.

This house has spooky ghost flying all around!

Halloween Haunting Ghost Mist Boo and Sparkly Boo. Here you can see the differences with both ghost side by side. Bella Fascini uses a top of the line Luxe Color Enamel on their enamel beads.

Halloween Haunting Ghost Sparkly Boo is just too cute!! I can see using these at Halloween and may have to use them in my Christmas Carol bracelet this year! As you can see in the photo that Sparkly Boo is full of SPARKLES! This bead retails for $32

Halloween Haunting Ghost Mist Boo is a luxurious pearl white. This is the perfect ghost if you don’t like all the sparkly of Sparkly Boo; however, I love them together. This bead retails for $32

Halloween Carving The Pumpkin Tradition – is a great way to remember all the family gatherings for pumpkin carving! This is a tradition in my family growing up and I have continued the tradition with my children. So, this is a must have bead if you love carving pumpkins. This bead retails for $28

I adore the back of the carving pumpkin! This would be perfect on a Thanksgiving combo!

Halloween Pumpkin Black Magic Jack is my favorite of the enamel jack pumpkins. I love the translucent black with the green glitter flakes of magic throughout. This bead retails for $28.

Here you can really see the sparkly magic in this bead.

Halloween Pumpkin Jackie-o has certainly been popular, and I can see why! I love the swirling eyes on both pumpkins. This pumpkin has an orange translucent Luxe Color Enamel and retails for $28.

Here is a photo of the entire bracelet and a list of beads I’ve used. Starting at top right going clockwise.

  • Trollbeads Unique
  • Bella Fascini Black Magic Jack retails for $28
  • Trollbeads Unique
  • Bella Fascini Wicked Witch (NEW version) retails for $28
  • Beauty Beads Amber – Verdant Star retails for $43.15 and available at Perlen.
  • Bella Fascini Sparkly Boo retails for $32
  • Trollbeads Unique
  • Bella Fascini Carving the Pumpkin Tradition retails for $28
  • Beauty Beads Tobias retails for $52.25 and available at Perlen.
  • Bella Fascini Witch Hat Haunted House retails for $30 
  • Trollbeads Unique
  • Bella Fascini Mist Boo retails for $32
  • Beauty Beads Amber Verdant Planes retails for $56.21 and available at Perlen.
  • Bella Fascini Wicked Witch (Retired Old Style)
  • Trollbeads LE
  • Bella Fascini Pumpkin Jackie-O retails for $26
  • Trollbeads Summer Straws retails for $46
  • Bella Fascini Bubble Dot Stopper set retails for $32
  • Redbalifrog Tree Branch Lock retails for $65

Wrist Shot!

Here in this wrist shot you can see the size of Bella Fascini compared to the Ohm Beads Mummy on the bangle.

Over all, I love Bella Fascini’s Halloween collection. The Haunted House and Wicked Witch are my absolute favorites.  These are a nice size and you can see the details on each bead. I am impressed that Bella Fascini keeps their beads at a very low inexpensive price point with a nice size and great quality.

For a special treat shop now through October 31st and receive 15% off your order of $50 or more with coupon code TREAT15. 

If you would like to shop for any of the beads in this collection you may do so by clicking the banner below.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of Bella Fascini Halloween Collection? Is there one that catches your eye or are you like me and want them all?






10 responses to “Bella Fascini Halloween Collection Review

  1. Okay, now I have to have these silvers!! I don’t do theme bracelets, so I wasn’t even going to look. Well….I did and now I’m in trouble! Also love how you paired them with the enamels and the Beauty Bead. What a great combo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Beaty Beads are fantastic, I love them in this combination, I need more of that focal! I’m really loving the Bella Halloween, I usually change up, but don’t want to lol let me know which ones you order!!


  2. Paula,
    This is an excellent review! The explanation of each bead with the size comparison is so helpful. The beads really are creative and are really nostalgic of Halloween when I was a kid. Bella really outdid herself with these. Fabulous bracelet too. 🎃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words ❤️. I completely agree Bella has really out done herself with this release and I find it rather nostalgic as well. You can tell they really put a lot of thought in these designs.


  3. I absolutely love everything about this post !!!!!!!! The pictures are wonderful and I love how you did the combinations! One of my favorite posts! Thank you !!!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Fantastic Halloween collection for Bella Fascini! Also your description and pics are excellent Paula! Great!


  5. I purchased last years witch for my Hocus Pocus Bracelet and was impressed by the size and weight of that bead. I’ve also ordered the mummy and orange pumpkin and love them. The mummy goes perfect with OHM’s mummy and I have it posted on my Instagram page. I was hoping this release would have been sooner, I’ve been checking her Etsy store everyday. I did order the new silvers and will go back for the ghosts at a later date.


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