Cristy Cali VooDoo Doll Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Voodoo Doll Jack by Cristy Cali.

I discovered Cristy Cali a few years ago and fell in love. Being that my husband is from a small town across the lake from New Orleans and I spent a good part of my youth in this area rich in culture. I have never experienced another city quite like New Orleans, La, USA, it is truly magical. Cristy Cali Jewelry is influenced by the magic of this rich cultural city.

When I think of Voodoo, spells, gris-gris, Voodoo dolls, amulets and charms, I think of Marie Laveau, the most popular Voodoo Queen! With Halloween and Day of the Dead coming I created this combo in light of the New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

A Voodoo Love Spell

Cristy Cali Voodoo Doll Jack alongside True Beadz Hygge (Friendly Smiles). Voodoo Doll retails for $48. Cristy Cali offers three different Voodoo Dolls as well as pendants and earrings to match.

Cristy Cali Crown Couture is perfect for a Queen from New Orleans! This crown is covered in Fleur de lis which are known to adorn and are long associated with the French crown. This bead retails for $35

I also added Trollbeads Amethyst and Ohm Beads Love Hurts to this combo, as I thought they go rather well with the theme.

Voodoo Doll Jack is adorable, I enjoy wearing him year-round, but especially during this time of the year and during Mardi Gras. Voodoo Doll Jack can be seen here with sewn patches and mouth, X – heart eyes and holding a fleur de lis.

Many Voodoo Dolls were made of rags with sewn or embroider details, in some cases buttons were used for eyes.

Voodoo Jack is ready for a love spell!

“Ribbons bind, body entwine – Let your heart be linked to mine”

Both sides are the same. Cristy Cali Couture beads fit all popular brand carriers like Pandora, Ohm, and Trollbeads and are made of .925 sterling silver.

“For you I yearn – For me you burn”

I have included an up-close photo of the Crown to show the fantastic details of this bead. This is a beautiful crown, which fits perfectly into my collections.

Mend your broken heart with a Voodoo Spell from the Queen!

Currently Cristy Cali is running a Halloween Special on select items where you can save 15% off until October 31, 2017. Both the Crown and Voodoo Doll Jack are currently on sale, so if you would like either of these it is the perfect time to order. Cristy Cali is also currently offering free shipping on orders $150+ worldwide.

If you would like to browse the Cristy Cali collection of jewelry you may do so by clicking the banner below.


As always, I love hearing your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this brand!






5 responses to “Cristy Cali VooDoo Doll Review

    • Yay Ela!! So glad you caught the sale before it ended! I think you will love her designs! Which ones did you get? Once you receive them, I’d love to know what you think of the brand! Enjoy ❤️😘


  1. I’ll let You know when it arrives! I got 2 – The Bourbon VooDoo and the ‘classic’. Just didn’t take The one with button-eye:) but I ordered a teddy bear and cannot wait to see It!

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