Beauty Beads Review and Last Day of Sale!

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Beauty Beads and a reminder of the last day of the Perlen Beauty Beads Sale.

Today is the last day to save 20% off your purchase of Beauty Beads. Sale ends at midnight (Denmark Time) November 5th, 2017.  In light of the 20% off sale I wanted to share a few Beauty Beads as stock photos do not do these beads justice.

Beauty Beads have a wide assortment of beads, but today I want to show you some of their World of Beauty Collection and Mini World of Beauty Collection.

Beauty Beads World of Beauty Collection – In this collection they have a wide assortment of focal beads. Size is comparable to Jumbo unique beads.

Beauty Beads Eternity – is a stunning focal.  The white buds along one side gives this bead the look of a flower. I am a huge lover of dichroic glass and love that the entire core of this bead is dichoric glass with silver bubbles. As you move your wrist you will see shimmering colors gold, green and aqua. This bead retails for $49.67 / €44.42 / £39.04

Beauty Beads Rainbow Under the Rain – is such a fun bead! I love that this bead comes both in a focal and mini sizes. With this bead there is a colorful core of pinks, yellow-gold, greens, blues and a touch of purple encased in clear glass that is frosted with clear polka dots to allow the colors to flow through clearly, as well as blue buds and black dots. This bead retails for $49.67 / €44.42 /£39.04

Beauty Beads Mini World of Beauty – In this collection you will find a standard size glass collection, these run an average 14 mm x 8mm, which is the standard size for most brands of beads. Please note that many of the beads in this collection can also be found in the focal size in the World of Beauty collection.

Beauty Beads Solar Eclipse, Mini – is a stunning bead that will go great in many different combinations. This bead has a golden core which looks like gold foil or possibly dichroic glass. It is encased in clear glass that is frosted with circles of clear glass to show off the gold inside. You will find black lines circling the bead with white dots and black buds. This bead retails for $45.90 / €41.05 / £36.08

Beauty Beads Pastel Blueberry –  is a beautiful matte finish opaque bead in pastel blue. I really like the texture that a matte bead brings to a bracelet. Beauty beads makes several pastel color beads with a matte finish which are perfect for spring and Easter. This bead retails for $31.61 / €28.27 / £24.84

Beauty Beads Rainbow Under the Rain, Mini – is a mini version of the larger Rainbow Under the Rain, as you can see shades of color are basically the same; however, this bead is a shade darker. I think they complement each other and I wish I had a second to frame the focal. This is such a fun design; the colors are soft and blend well together. This bead retails for $45.90 / €41.05 / £36.08

Beauty Beads Streams of Gold, Mini – is a rather elegant bead. I could see this mixed in with a white and gold Christmas combination. This bead has a white matte base with beautiful rich gold foil like design all the way around.  This bead retails for $39.88 / €35.67 / £31.35

I have worn this bead in several different combos; however, alone on a bangle is my favorite easy combo. I like having a few jumbos for this very reason.

As you can see the Rainbow Under the Rain will mix well with other beads in the collection as well as a wide assortment of colors.

I love these three together. The middle focal has some gold tones running through.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, Beauty Beads World of Beauty collection is full of beautiful beads that are fun, unique and versatile.

Beauty Beads are currently 20% off at Perlen; however, this sale ends in the next 24 hours, so if you would like to take advantage of the great savings you may want to hurry. Please note, that to save 20% off you will need to make a new account and login.

If you are ready to shop you may do so by clicking the banner below.


As always, I love hearing your feedback. What do you think of Beauty Beads? Which bead is your favorite? Have you previously ordered Beauty Beads and if so, what is your favorite bead from this brand?





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