True Beadz LE Flamenco Sheep Beads Fanatic Exclusive

Today Beadsaholic brings the news and a review of True Beadz limited-edition Flamenco Sheep!

True Beadz Limited-Edition Flamenco Sheep is a Beads Fanatic exclusive. True Beadz Sheep are always popular and I’m sure this cutie will be just as popular. If you fancy this adorable sheep with a bright red rose then don’t wait to order as this is a very limited Sheep, as there are only thirty-five (35) made. Flamenco Sheep retails for €45. This bead will not release and ship out until December.

Since this is a review as well as an announcement of preorders I thought some up-close photos were in order. I have photos below at every angle, so you can see all the lovely details.

Here you can see the pretty rose up close.

I love her big eyes.

I think this sheep would be the perfect addition to your True Beadz Collection!

Photos speak for themselves, these sheep are adorable.

Perfect paired with the Tower and I think goes well with the new True Beadz 2017 Anniversary bead.

Wrist Shot!

Graphics below from Beads Fanatic!

Over all, I think this bead will be popular and sell out especially with such a limited amount. Please remember that there is only one artist making this little sheep and they are time consuming to make, therefor a higher quantity is not always possible.

If you have fallen in love with this Flamenco Sheep and would like to preorder, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below. Please note that this bead will not be available until 9 am Madrid time, today November 10th, 2017. Beads Fanatic offers free shipping in Europe and Vat Free shopping for those of us outside of Europe.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of this exclusive True Beads Flamenco Sheep? Do you have other sheep from True Beadz?







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