Bella Fascini Kiss Lips and Sock Monkey Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Bella Fascini Kiss Lips and Sock Monkey!

As always, Bella Fascini delivers great charms at a fantastic price! I love that the charms are all a nice size, quality and weight. Here are a few charms that I think will work perfectly for Christmas and for Valentine’s Day, which comes rather fast after Christmas.

Bella Fascini Kiss Lips comes in several color combinations and are sterling silver with Luxe Color Enamel coating. Each bead measures approximately 11 mm wide by 11.5 mm high and have universal cores. Kiss Lips retail for $28

Here are the styles available.

I have two of the styles to share. Of course, Bella Fascini Kiss Lips Red & White Sparkle is my favorite of the two. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life!

Each bead is inscribed with “Kiss” in silver surrounded by sparkly flakes of glitter and beautiful ruby red lips.

These would be adorable paired with a mistletoe bead!

Bella Fascini Kiss Lips Red & White Pearlescent is classy and elegant with a beautiful pearlescent Luxe colored background, Kiss inscribed in silver and ruby red lips. The lips really stand out on this bead.

Forgive me if I stumble and fall

for I know not how to love too well

I am clumsy and my words do not form as I wish

so let me kiss you instead

and let my lips paint for you all the pictures

that my clumsy heart cannot.

~ Atticus

I adore Bella Fascini Sock Monkey Boy and Girl and think they go perfectly with the kiss Lips, Puffed Heart Spacers and Celtic Knot Braid CZ Garnet Red.

Bella Fascini Sock Monkey Boy is adorable and reminds me of the traditional monkeys made of socks many of us had as kids. He is wearing a cute beanie. This bead is approximately 9 mm wide x 17 mm high, made of sterling silver with Candy Apple Red Glossy Luxe color enamel lips. Sock Monkey Boy retails for $28 

Bella Fascini Sock Monkey Girl is similar to the Boy; however, instead of a beanie she is sporting two cute bows above her ears. She has the same great Candy Apple Red lips in Luxe Enamel and is approximately 9 mm wide x 15.5 mm high. Both are reasonably priced at $28 

Wrist Shot!

Over all, if love is in the air, you love cute and sparkly beads, then these are the beads for you. Bella Fascini beads work well with all other bracelet systems.

If you would like to browse the Bella Fascini line you may do so by clicking the banner below.


As always, I love hearing your thoughts. What do you think of Bella Fascini? Do you have a favorite bead?





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