Rea Creations LE Blossom Orchid, Orchid, Angel’s Flower and Bouquet Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Rea Creations limited-edition Blossom Orchid, Orchid, Angel’s Flower and Bouquet exclusively at Pianeta Beads!

Recently I shared a preview of an exclusive collection of flower beads from Rea Creations for Pianeta Beads in Italy.  I have been eyeing a few beautiful artisan beads from Rea Creations for a while and was excited to get these four exclusive flowers.

I have mixed the four flowers with Ogerbeads Glass and the Ohm Italian Collection, which I personally love together.

Rea Creations LE Blossom Orchid is the largest of the four flowers with a beautiful orchid, then as you turn the flower you will find small open and closed blossoms with leaves wrapping through.  Blossom Orchid retails for €49

Love these little closed blossoms.

Rea Creations LE Bouquet has really cute different size blossoms going around the bead, I love how at the back it looks like a vine with some closed blossoms. Bouquet retails for €39

I really love this part of the bead.

Rea Creations LE Orchid is similar to the Blossom Orchid; however, it is a tad bit smaller with no blossoms. It does have two large leaves that intertwine. Orchid retails for €46

Rea Creations LE Angel’s Flower has become my favorite. The two flowers on this bead are elegantly stunning. I love the ruffled edges of each petal. Angel’s Flower retails for €46

This is one combination I plan to wear in the spring, I really love the coral and aqua mixed among the flowers and Italian designed beads. Here is a list of beads starting at the lock, going up and around. Pianeta Beads carries all three brands.

  • Ogerbeads Stopper retails for €27
  • Ogerbeads Green Dragon Scale Dots retails for €27
  • Ohm Volcanoes retails for €52
  • Ogerbeads Romance Glass Stone Fragments retails for €32
  • Rea Creations LE Bouquet retails for €39
  • Ogerbeads Fairy Garden Magic Light retails for €27
  • Ohm Tour Italy retails for €52
  • Ogerbeads Ventetian Armadillo retails for €27
  • Rea Creations Blossom Orchid retails for €49
  • Ogerbeads Artic Glow retails for €32
  • Ohm Italian Artists retails for €52
  • Ogerbeads Caribbean retails for €32
  • Rea Creations Orchid retails for €46
  • Ogerbeads Abricot Flowers retails for €27
  • Ohm Romance in Venice retails for €52
  • Ogerbeads Artic Glow Magic Light retails for €27
  • Rea Creations Angel’s Flower retails for €46
  • Ogerbeads Gold Lavendel retails for €32
  • Ohm Mouth of Truth retails for €52
  • Ogerbeads Fairy Garden Crowns retails for €27
  • Ogerbeads Stopper retails for €27


Wrist Shots!

Over all, I am blown away by the craftsmanship of these beautiful beads and if you love flower beads you will totally love this limited-edition collection. Each bead is beautifully detailed and have universal cores, so they are compatible with all bracelet systems.

This LE collection by Rea Creations is an exclusive and only available at Pianeta Beads. If you would like to shop for any of the beads in this article you may do so by clicking the banner below. Pianeta Beads offers free shipping with in Europe and VAT free shopping for those of us outside of Europe.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of this combination and the Rea Creations flowers? Do you have a favorite or like me love them all?





8 responses to “Rea Creations LE Blossom Orchid, Orchid, Angel’s Flower and Bouquet Review

  1. Just ordered Rea Creations “Angel’s Flower” – my favorite of the bunch (though all are beautiful)! Thank you for showcasing these gorgeous beads!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought for sure the orchids would be my favorite, but wearing them, Angel’s Flower quickly became the favorite of the bunch and I agree all are gorgeous! I’m glad you love them as much as I do. Be sure to let me know what you think once you receive your flower. 🌸❤️


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