Cristy Cali Sacred Heart, Love Always Wins, Carnival Skull Review and Cyber Monday details!

Today Bradsaholic brings a closer look at some of Cristy Cali beads and details of the Cyber Monday sale!

Some of you have seen this combo on social media as it was one of my daily combos in the last week and I thought it would be nice to take a closer look at these beads since many of you were interested in them.

Currently Cristy Cali has her entire line of beads and jewelry 10% to 60% off on her website through November 30th!

Cristy Cali Sacred Heart is beautifully done as you can see there are flames at the top of the heart with the detailing around the heart. If you missed out on Ohm’s Sacred Heart during the event in October, this is the perfect opportunity to add a beautiful bead with a deep meaning to your bracelet. Sacred Heart retails for $48 and is currently on sale for $36

I adore these beads on the leather braided bracelet. Cristy Cali has a nice range in size of the double leather bracelet. Sizes are 6.7 in – 9.1 in. So, there are sizes to fit everyone!

Cristy Cali Love Always Wins is a beautiful enamel rainbow on one side and the other side is inscribed with ” Love Always Wins =” which means no matter your gender or color love always wins and is equal. This bead retails for $50 and is currently on sale for $37.50

As you can see Cristy Cali Beads also work perfectly on a Trollbeads Bangle. You will find that this brand fits all carriers from brands like Ohm, Pandora, Chamilia, Trollbeads, etc.

Cristy Cali Carnival Skull Couture Amethyst Edition is one of several sugar skulls deigns from Cristy Cali. If you love skulls like I do, then you should take a look at all of the skulls in this line. Of course, this is one of my favorite due to the purple eyes!  This sugar skull has a carnival mask, fleur de lis, swirly designs and flowers. This Carnival Skull Couture Amethyst Edition retails for $59 and is currently on sale for $44.25

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I am totally in love with the Cristy Cali line. They go well with my other brands and are just fun to wear. I look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the months to come.

If you saw anything in this review you need or if you would like to browse the sale currently going on at Cristy Cali through November 30th, then click the banner below!


As always, I love hearing your feedback! What do you think of the Cristy Cali line?






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