BEADMAS with Ohm Beads!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the biggest giveaway of the year!

Every year Ohm Beads host one of the biggest giveaways of the year, Beadmas! It is twelve days filled with fun across social media.

The night before Beadmas is a four-hour event on Thursday, November 30th starting at 10 am Seattle time, RSVP here.

Beadmas starts December 1st through December 12th, 2017.  Be sure to RSVP on Facebook, here.

Here on Beadsaholic, Beadsaholic Facebook and Beadsaholic Instagram we will be hosting six Beadmas giveaways on day two, four, six. eight, ten and twelve. So, every other day starting December 2nd, 2017. Each giveaway will run twenty-four hours and there will be a post here on Beadsaholic for every giveaway; so, be sure to follow or opt in for email updates.

Put on your favorite Christmas beads and meet me back here this weekend for a fabulous time!!! Make sure you check Facebook and Instagram for all the other great giveaways! I know the_mcctrish, trudycharmnbeads, and Marthnickbeads on Instagram are also hosting giveaways during the twelve days of Beadmas, so be sure to check out their Instagram!

Over all, Beadmas is always lots of fun and I will have some fantastic beads to giveaway here on Beadsaholic! If you have any questions,  leave me a comment below or send me a message on social media! I wish you all luck and hope you have a fab time!





2 responses to “BEADMAS with Ohm Beads!

  1. I’m hosting also on Facebook under Carol Ann and on Instagram under krystleblulily. So watch for those. Facebook is on the second and Instagram on the 10th.


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