Aurora Sailor’s Dream & Blue Ocean Wave Review & Release

Today Beadsaholic not only brings the news of the Release of Aurora’s latest collection, but also a review.

Aurora Sailor’s Dream and Blue Ocean Wave releases today, November 30, 2017. Therefor those who ordered in the preorders should be receiving their beads soon. This also means that these two beads are now available both in store and online! I thought since today is the day of the release it would be nice to take a closer look at both beads.

As you can see they both mix well with other brands.

I love how the Sailor’s Dream wraps around the chain.

Aurora Blue Ocean Wave is simply a beautiful bead. Aurora has captured the ocean and its waves beautifully throughout this bead. This bead is rounder and measures approximately 12 mm high x 11.5 mm wide. As you can see in the many photos I’ve added that this bead fits well with Trollbeads glass and other brands. Blue Ocean Wave retails for €31.95 


Aurora Sailor’s Dream is a work of art! I have taken lots of photos to show this bead to you at every angle. Though this is a small bead measuring approximately 14 mm high from the tail to her belly x 6 mm wide, the design is fantastic, as you see below the mermaid wraps around, there is no hole and it doesn’t close completely, it’s simply her body wrapping around your bracelet in an elegant and graceful way. Her hair swaying as she swims and flips in the ocean. Sailor’s Dream retails for €34.95

She looks as though she is dancing beneath the sea.

Here you can see that her hand doesn’t quite meet her tail, but don’t worry she won’t fall off your bracelet.

Here you can see the added detail of fins at her hip line.

I created a “Sea Dreams” theme to show how beautiful these two beads mix with some of my favorite sea beads from Trollbeads, Ohm Beads, Rellers, Cristy Cali and Pandora, as you can see both fit in perfectly.

Here I have the Blue Ocean Wave in between Sailor’s Dream and Cristy Cali’s Fish Couture Charm. I also love how the Blue Ocean Wave mixes with the two Trollbeads Uniques on each side of the Fish and mermaid.

Now for a closer look at the beads I’ve used with these two beads. Here you See Ohm Beads Baby Argh, Trollbeads Bubble unique.

Pandora Sea Star, Trollbeads Seals, Trollbeads Uniques Star Fish and Bubbles.

Trollbeads Mermaid, Ohm Beads Bucket List and more Trollbeads Unique Glass.

Reller Hatching Turtle, Trollbeads unique glass and Aurora Sailor’s Dream.

Trollbeads Whale Spirit, Ohm Beads Sailfish, Pandora Sea Shell and more Trollbeads Uniques.

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I love both beads and felt they mixed rather nicely. This is the first Glass bead for Aurora and I look forward to seeing what they add to this collection in the future.

If you fell in love with either of these beads and have not ordered them yet, then you are in luck as they were released today and are available at the following retailers.


Featured Aurora Retailers

Beads Fanatic – Spain

Perlen – Denmark 

Pianeta Beads – Italy 


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think about these two new charms by Aurora? Are they on your wish list? They have me longing to be beach-side.







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