Beadmas Day 2 Giveaway! Winner Announced.


Congrats! Please send me a message on social media or email here through the blog. 


Today Beadsaholic brings a fantastic Beadmas Day 2 Giveaway!

Do you ever wish you could find your very own magic lamp, Rub and a magical Genie pops out and grants you three wishes? Today could be your lucky day! In the comments below describe what three wishes you would ask your Magic lamp for and why.

Make your wishes known and you could win your very own Ohm Dirty Magic lamp! Winner chosen randomly.

I am excited that I get to take part of making Six of you happy during the twelve days of Beadmas! This is the first year Beadsaholic has participated in Ohm’s Beadmas event and I am happy to be a part of the festivities. I look forward to reading your comments and having fun with you guys over the next week!

Ok, now for a few rules on how to enter to win this bead.

  • You must comment here on the blog your three wishes.
  • Please add your Facebook or Instagram name or email so that I can contact you if you win.
  • This is a twenty-four-hour giveaway, entries end at 00:01 Seattle time 12/3/17.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly, and winner contacted directly.
  • Prize is an Ohm Dirty Magic Lamp.
  • Prize will be shipped from Ohm Beads USA.

Please note: that if you have not commented before your post will not show right away, once your message has been approved your future post will show automatically.

Good Luck to you all! Please, help out and share with your friends by using one of the social media buttons below.

Thank you all so very much for supporting Beadsaholic. It has truly been an honor to share our passions together, whether it be here on the blog or across social media.

Now for some fun! Let’s hear those wishes!!!




148 responses to “Beadmas Day 2 Giveaway! Winner Announced.

  1. hm, I seem to have rather selfish wishes when I compare to others…
    1. I wish I wasn’t longer sad for not having children of my own (I do have two nice step daughters)
    2. I wish I could eat everything without getting bigger
    3. I wish I would be nicer for myself

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  2. Hi Paula, happy Beadmas! I am excited to share wishes here. Here are mine:
    1. I want my dear and near ones to be happy and healthy
    2. I want successful global copperation betwen countries, Russia being an active and peaceful participant
    3. Only good vibes in the beautiful beadworld.
    You see, nothing for myself. Except for this lamp, hehe))))

    I am sve.nik on IG

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  3. My wishes:
    1. Healthy life for my family.
    2. Finally losing the weight 😉
    3. Learn how to be present in the moment.

    Thank you Paula for the giveaway!

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  4. As I rub Aladdin’s magic lamp, my 3 magical wishes would be…

    1. If everyone could give others opportunities to succeed in life.
    2. Free hugs for everyone, everyone deserves to love and be loved.
    3. Offer endless kindness as it can be found even in the darkest of places.

    ❤ insta: michelle_ling210

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  5. I wish for:
    1) for peace in our messed up world.
    2) for humans to stop being cruel to animals
    3) for my daughters to have happy, healthy lives.

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  6. A learn to dream again
    B cut with the past and start a new life
    C join this new life with my family and my little dog

    Thanxs for the chance!

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  7. 1) Pass the final exam next year and start with my new (dream) job 🙂
    2) Be able to help people get healthy
    3) For my loved ones to be healthy and happy

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  8. My three wishes are…for everyone to have peace and contentment in their lives, enjoyfreedom from health concerns, and the ability for others to hear another side that is different than theirs. Thank you for this opportunity!

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  9. My wishes are,

    1. For my son to realize his dream of directing and acting.
    2. For my daughter’s dreams to come true.
    3. For our country to get along.

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  10. My three wishes would be…
    1.) For everyone to find true and lasting love
    2.) For there to be peace on the planet
    3.) And for people to protect the innocent (children and animals)
    Great give a way! Thanks Paula!

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  11. Hi Paula !

    Thank you soo much for this giveaway

    My 3 wishes are

    1) I wish for happiness and good health for my family and everyone
    2) I wish ppl would be kinder to strays animals
    3) I wish I could be stronger in facing challenges in life hehe.

    Facebook : Darlie Zamri

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  12. 1. Wish to Find a perfect house to grow up my kids.
    2. Wish to be able to find calmness to confront obstacles in life.
    3. Wish that mankind would find magic and wonder back to life.

    Päivi Natalia Karela

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  13. 1. A happy and healthy birth of our baby girl.
    2. Lose ALL the baby weight after 4 kids.
    3. Find the perfect home and move out of New York.

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  14. My wishes:
    1. My parent never die – will live with me forever
    2. I will have a baby 😦
    3. My can have my own business – a small rose garden for me and sell the rose for everyone.
    Thank you to give me a change to think about my wish.

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  15. My 3 wishes are: #1 Good health for my daughter so that she can find a job. #2 My daughter finds a job. #3 My chronic pain condition will get better.

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  16. 1. To see all of my grandchildren that live so far away, I’ve never got to meet most of them in person.
    2. For my health to return and Crohn’s disease to stop stealing my life!
    3. For unbearable pain in mankind to completely dissipate, never to return!

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  17. My 1st wish would be for my grandson to grow up knowing hes loved and wanted.
    My 2nd wish is for him to be successful in whatever he attempts.
    My 3rd wish is for 10 more wishes.

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  18. 1. Peace on earth
    2. Be able to quit my job and have a business that will support my lifestyle on my terms.
    3. Be able to help anyone less fortunate than me

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  19. Hi Paula !
    Thank you soo much for this giveaway! And my 3 wishes are:

    1) I wish healthy for my family and my friends
    2) I wish i’m successful in my new job
    3) I wish my little family have new members!

    My instagram: julmypham

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  20. Thank you everyone for entering this contest and I hope you had fun doing so. I have enjoyed reading your wishes and I truly hope every single one comes true! Hugs to you all! Merry Beadmas!!!

    Beadmas giveaway day 4 will be on social media! So check it out and Good Luck!!


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