Beadmas Day 8 Giveaway! Winner Announced.

The Winner is..


Today here on Beadsholic is Beadmas Day 8 and that means giveaway time!!!

Today one lucky random winner will win Ohm Beads Dirty Short Circuit.

Every year my family and I always watch The Great Christmas Light Fight! We always love to watch all the extravagant Christmas displays and we usually ride around town to some of the massive displays we have here. We roll the windows down, with our blankets, hot chocolate and Christmas music playing while looking at beautiful light displays. Below is a few from last year.

Though we love seeing all the lights we don’t normally do much decorating on the outside of our home, we do however decorate the inside. We always put up a tree, handmade Christmas items that sit around always makes our Christmas magical for us. What are your decorating Traditions? Do you do big displays outside or enjoy visiting houses that have huge displays. Do you use colored or white lights? What style of decorating is a tradition in your home? Comment below for a random chance to win an Ohm Dirty Short Circuit!

I am a bit late getting this giveaway up today. We had our first snow in about five years, so it’s been a Winter Wonderland around here! However, it’s still day eight and this giveaway will run twenty-four-hours.

Rules and instructions on how to enter giveaway!

  • Comment below with your Christmas decorating traditions. 
  • Be sure to add your Facebook, Instagram or Email, so that I can get in touch with you. 
  • Share on Social Media. 
  • This is a twenty-four-hour giveaway. 
  • Winner will be chosen randomly.
  • Prize is an Ohm Dirty Short Circuit. 
  • Prize will be shipped from Ohm Beads USA

Please note: that if you have not commented before your post will not show right away, once your post has been approved future post will show automatically.

Good Luck to you all! Please help out and share with your friend by using one of the social media buttons below.

Thank you for being a part of Beadsaholic! I look forward to reading all of your traditions! I’d love to see them too, if you would like to post them on this post on Beadsaholic’s Facebook page, that would be great, but isn’t required to enter.

Merry Beadmas to you all!





63 responses to “Beadmas Day 8 Giveaway! Winner Announced.

  1. This is the first Christmas I haven’t gone completely over the top with decorations. After last years Norovirus outbreak (we were all very poorly for the whole of Christmas) we are just taking things easy and enjoying real time together. No travel, no stress, no poorliness. In years past we’ve had our white tree dressed as a snowman, a Stormtrooper……and also very kitschy with glittery robots, flamingos abd Santas on motorbikes! Christmas is all about colour and kids in our house so the brighter and gaudier the better.


  2. In our house, we just have a few decorations. We focus on the Christmas tree which is gorgeous with white and silver Christmas balls and decorations. In France, houses are bot as decorated and with as many lights on the outside.


  3. My fave decorations are yellow lights and candles but I am the only one to like them in my family so we use many other things – put up a tree, cut out paper snowflakes, put the figures of ceramic dwarves on shelves. And we have a beautiful figure of Russian Santa – we call him Father Frost)))

    IG @sve.nik
    Facebook Svetlana Nikolaeva


  4. We decorate the Christmas tree, and decorate with tinsel, candlesticks, wreaths and stickers for glass, the eldest son, he is now almost 4, likes to draw on the glass with a spray pattern the artificial snow, the youngest so far only destroys everything around)) #beadmas2017


  5. We normally just decorate inside the house and a bit on our door, our decoration is different every year because we have 4/5 different Christmas trees, black, green, white etc… So the decor depends on which tree is up, this year we choose the black one so the decorations are black, grey and white. Also we have a lot of Santa Claus because my mom likes to collect them, right now we have like 8 Santa Claus all over the house


  6. Our Christmas tree is the main decoration. It is prelit with white lights and has some glitter & snow on the branches. We decorate it with mostly snowflake, fairy, glass and moose ornaments, then whatever random ones we feel like adding. We love going for a run around our neighborhood and seeing all the outside decorations.

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  7. My tree has 20+ years of decorations I have chosen,bn gifted,as i only pick 1 or two special ones every year .
    Im hoping to spend@ least some part of the day with my lovely sons as we dont see each other much lately – yet live together!
    Your beads are amazing! Soooo need some.
    Merry Christmas to you all 🎄🍾❄👍😍

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