Beadmas Day 10 Giveaway! Winner Announced.

Winner is.. 


Today Beadsaholic brings yet another great giveaway from Ohm Beads!

This weekend I seem to be running behind. So, sadly I’m running late on this giveaway; however, don’t worry you still have a chance to win this great bead and this giveaway will run for 24 hours, so roughly Midnight tomorrow night 😉

Today enter for your chance to win this retired Ohm Dirty Eye of Horus!

To enter to win this bead, I want to hear what’s on your Christmas list? What is the one thing you are hoping will be under your tree this year?

Rules and instructions on how to enter giveaway!

  • Comment below with your Christmas wish list or what you are hoping is under your tree this year?
  • Be sure to add your Facebook, Instagram or Email, so that I can get in touch with you. 
  • Share on Social media.
  • This is a twenty-four-hour giveaway – will end midnight 12/11/2017
  • Winner will be chosen randomly.
  • Prize is an Ohm Dirty Eye of Horus.
  • Prize will ship directly from Ohm Beads USA.

Please note: that if you have not commented before your post will not show right away, once your post has been approved future post will show automatically.

Good Luck to you all! Please help out and share with your friend by using one of the social media buttons below.

Thank you for sharing in the holiday festivities here on Beadsaholic! I look forward to reading your Christmas wish list! For myself I have already received my gifts for this year. I had a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing the kids open their gifts on Christmas.

Merry Beadmas to you all!






100 responses to “Beadmas Day 10 Giveaway! Winner Announced.

  1. just wish for peace, love and joy (money!) too…in the next upcoming decade of my life..(yikes!) 70 is old, altho I do not feel old most of the time!


  2. That would make me very happy, if it is for me under our Christmas tree:
    One or two exciting Thrillers to read, a tin of my favorite tea, beautiful wool to knit with and of course one or the other bead.
    On the wish list of the non-material things is then still a peaceful and nice time to spend with the children, and a cozy get-together with friends. Not to forget a wonderful Christmas dinner, that our junior cooks for all.

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  3. Hmmm. I mostly just want the simple things—you know, world peace, cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s, intelligence and integrity in politicians . . . Ohm bead wise, I’d like Merkaba, or a dirty Eye of Horus. 😉

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  4. A Mandrake bead would be great! And a book, and some clothes, and a festival tiket, and and and xD… But besides any material thing I wish to have all my beloved friends and family safe, healthy and happy.

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  5. My cats…they like be to go under the tree and it makes me smile. ( Husband let’s me buy beads at sales times because I have too many for him to deal with.😂)


  6. I would love to receive some beads of course. As I am picking up the reading this year, books are also what I want as Xmas gifts.


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