Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Couture Charm.

Angel of Grief, also known as Weeping Angel was originally designed in 1894 by a grieving William Wetmore Story, after his wife died he was devastated to the point that he lost interest in sculpting, this was the last big project he finished before dying himself a year later. To this day the ” The Angel of Grief Weeping Over the Dismantled Altar of Life” sits in Protestant Cemetery in Rome. In 1896 the story of this statue was published in an issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Since, there have been many replicas over the years around the world and many across the USA, the most famous residing at Stanford University in California, as well in the Chapman Hyams’ monument in Lake Lawn Metairie which is located in Metairie, Louisiana that is part of the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Cristy Cali the designer of the Angel of Grief Couture Charm and earrings in this article is deep rooted in New Orleans culture and has designed the perfect replica of the statue known around the world, but also an important part of the New Orleans history. New Orleans is well known for their beautiful and old cemeteries. I know some feel that cemeteries are creepy; however, for me they are beautiful, a place of peace and history of someone’s lost loved ones.

Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Couture Charm has a very intricate design, you will find a beautiful weeping Angel collapsed over an altar, her wings draped to the side and her face buried in her arm as she hides her tears. Angel of Grief Couture Charm measures approximately 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $65 

I have included close-up photos at every angle.

Cristy Cali also makes an array of jewelry to match several of her designs including Angel of Grief. In this collection she has a beautiful pendant in sliver and duo-tone, which I don’t have, but can be seen on the website, also in the collection are two styles of earrings a drop earring and studs which you will see below.

Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Mini Studs measure roughly 8 mm x 8 mm and as you can see in the photo are nicely detailed. These mini studs retail for $48

Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Earrings are my favorite. This is a hook style earring with an Angel of Grief drop that measures approximately 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $89.

The first five photos below were taken before the sun settled behind the trees, so there is a bit of sun light shining through the beads.

I have combined Cristy Cali Angel of Grief with Ogerbeads Groovy Gold Fragments, Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers on a Bella Fascini Twisted Bangle. As you can see by the photos below that the Angel of Grief sits well and stands out between the standard size glass. So, this is a nice size charm that will work nicely in any combination. Of course, I had to take several photos at different angles on the bangle so that you can see how visible it is among beads.

Here the sun has settled behind the trees and the skies are grey which usually gives a nice clear photo.

Cristy Cali mixed with Trollbeads, Elfbeads and Ohm Beads.

Wrist Shot!

Angel of Grief tends to sit straight up, which I like, but I have tilted it back for this photo.

This has always been a favorite of mine since I first saw it when it came out. I loved it so much I gifted it to a close friend for Christmas last year as she had also experienced so much loss and had it on her wish list. I myself have suffered much loss over the years including both my parents being taken at young ages by cancer. This bead for me represent their life and the grief of their loss. It is a bittersweet reminder of my Mother who collected and loved angels. It is also a reminder of the many cemeteries I have found comfort in, the many beautiful angel statutes I have seen on loved one’s graves of people I don’t know, the history and the grief of humanity.

If you have lost a loved one, then this charm is the perfect reminder that though you grieve, your loved ones are always with you. I wanted to do this review during the Christmas season because this is the time many of us miss and have fond memories of those we have lost. I personally think this is a perfect gift for a friend, family or yourself.

If you would like to shop for any of the Cristy Cali Jewelry featured in this review or would just like to browse her collection, then you may do so by clicking the banner below (Affiliate link).

As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts. So, tell me what do you think of Cristy Cali Angel of Grief?



4 responses to “Cristy Cali Angel of Grief Review

  1. Today my grandmother, Vesta, is gone 41 years. She was a mentor for me as well as a wonderful grandmother. Thank you for this beautiful post Paula Bead. The history and pictures are great. And thank you for introducing Cristy Cali and for the gift of this bead. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Huge hugs Dona 💜 no matter how long they are gone, we always miss them. I am happy she had such a huge impact on your life and that you carry her with you each day. Thank you for reading and your kind words, I hope this bead reminds you of your grandmother and in some way gives you comfort by reminding you of fond memories of your grandmother and knowing that she is always there and a part of you. ❤️


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