Christmas with Beauty Beads! – Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Beauty Beads Flying Pigling, Verdant Planes, and Snowballs!

These three beads from Beauty Beads are perfect for Christmas and photos just don’t do them justice. Of course, when I think of Christmas, I think of fresh green Christmas tree and decorations. Beauty Amber Verdant Planes is perfect to add a little green to your Christmas bracelet, Beauty Beads also carry several other Green Amber shapes to add some texture to your bracelet. I have added the little guy in the middle who is in the Christmas mood with his Santa hat, this is the limited-edition Flying Pigling and the very last bead on this bangle has become one of my most favorite beads of this season, Beauty Beads Snowballs.

I have taken some photos at different angles of these three beads on the bangle and some up-close photos, so we can take a closer look at each bead.

Beauty Beads Limited-Edition Flying Pigling is an adorable charm and the sentiment when pigs fly means nothing is impossible. So, let this little guy remind you that all things are possible. This little pig stands 17 mm high x 7 mm wide, with a universal core to fit all your carriers and retails for $41.39 / €37.02 / £32.53

Beauty Beads Beauty Amber Verdant Planes is a beautiful translucent green amber. This bead is wide and cut in an unusual way which will add a good bit of texture to a bracelet. This bead has a sterling silver split core and is universal so, it will fit all your carriers. Verdant Planes measures approximately 11 mm high and 13 mm wide and retails for $53.43 / €47.78 /£42.00

Beauty Beads Snowballs Mini is one of my favorite beads this season and I have worn it a lot. Photos just don’t do this bead justice, but I tried my best to capture the beauty in these photos. This Snowball has both translucent and a frosted appearance with pearlescent colors with each turn you will see white with subtle colors of pastel pink, mint and turquoise. I cannot stress to you how beautiful this bead actually is! They also carry a matching rondelle shape Snowflake that I think would look fantastic with the Snowball as the focal and a pair of the Snowflake beads to match on each side. Snowballs Mini measures approximately 14.5 mm high x 13 mm wide and retails for $53.43 / €47.78 /£42.00

Wrist Shot!

Over all, Beauty Beads creates beautiful high-quality beads. The beads I have received from this line have all been fantastic, well done and I have enjoyed wearing them.

If you would like to browse the Beauty Beads line of beads, then you may do so by clicking the Perlen banner below.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts on these three beads from Beauty Beads?? Do you personally own any Beauty Beads, if so, which ones?





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