Spiritbeads Koi and Joyful Monkey Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Spiritbeads Koi and Joyful Monkey!

I have had lots of fun playing with Spiritbeads this past weekend for this review. Both the Koi and Joyful Monkey are easy to work with and are beautifully detailed. I decided to do a water themed first with Spirit Beads Koi, Trollbeads unique glass, Ohm Beads retired Striped Sailfish, Cristy Cali Fish and Trollbeads Water Lily Spacers. As you can see the Koi is a nice size and makes a beautiful focal among these beads. Please note, that some of the Trollbeads seen here can be purchased at Star Bijou, as well.

Here I have made the Spiritbeads Koi the star of the show again and framed this cutie with Trollbeads uniques known as Koi pond, Trollbeads LE Royal Orange and Water Lily Spacers.

Spiritbeads Koi comes in both Silver and Gold. This is a beautifully detailed bead, that is a nice size and weight. This bead measures approximately 12 mm high x 10 mm wide and weighs 5.9 grams. I have included photos at every angle to show the details of this bead. I adore his tucked tail, which you see best on the bracelet. The Koi Silver retails for €48

My go to colors for a Japanese inspired bracelet always seems to be either red, pink or my Kimono glass, here I have combined the very beautiful Spiritbeads with some red and white Trollbeads.

I adore Spiritbeads Maneki-Neko, it’s one of my favorite Spiritbeads and a go to bead for the bangle. Here you see Maneki-Neko and Joyful Monkey.

Here is Spiritbeads Joyful Monkey and Koi.

This is the second Kokeshi 2.0 made by Spiritbeads, the first made has a hole from top to bottom and the Kokeshi 2.0 hole is side to side. Spirit Beads has now made a total of four different Kokeshi designs two of which are limited-edition. Next is another favorite Spiritbeads Endless Knot round silver, this design comes in a round, oval and a dangle. The Endless Knot collection is stunning and fits well in any combination.

Of course, this Japanese theme wouldn’t be complete without this really cute Spiritbeads Lucky Monk! Next to the Lucky Monk is the Spiritbeads Endless Knot oval.

The last two silvers on this bracelet are Spiritbeads Daruma Silver bead and the Spiritbeads Endless Knot Dangle silver.

Spiritbeads Joyful Monkey is definitely a joy to look at! He has such a joyful look upon his face that will make you smile, no matter the mood you are in. Joyful Monkey is holding onto a piece of bamboo and is beautifully detailed. This bead measures approximately 14 mm x 9 mm and weighs 6.66 grams. Joyful Monkey retails for €48

Over all, if you have never owned Spiritbeads, I can personally tell you that these are well made beads and the designs are well thought out. I don’t have issues with flipping upside down, Spiritbeads have really paid attention when designing their beads. I highly recommend that if you see a design you like, try them out, you will love them as much as I do. Also, several of Spiritbeads designs are offered in Silver, Gold and Brass so there is a nice selection to choose from.

If you would like to browse the Spiritbeads line, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below to be redirected to their website.

As always, I love reading your feedback and would love to know what your thoughts are on Spiritbeads? Do you own any? Have a favorite?







5 responses to “Spiritbeads Koi and Joyful Monkey Review

  1. Hi. I’m new to the bead / charm bracelet world. I am just starting out with Pandora, but am interested in branching out in search of cute beads. Do the spiritbeads fit on the pandora bracelets?

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    • Hi Sophia, welcome to the world of Beads! I started many years ago with Pandora, too! Now collect all sorts. Spirit Beads have a universal core and will fit Pandora perfectly!


      • That is great to know! I would rather spend more money on beads than bracelets…for now at least. It’s not much for one bead, but it sure does add up! Looking forward to reading all your old and new blog posts to learn more about each company’s beads!!


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