Celebrating the New Year with Trollbeads!

Today on Beadsaholic we celebrate the New Year with Trollbeads!

Trollbeads is one of the most elegant lines on the market. Especially with their glitter and gold beads in the Christmas Glitter kits from the Winter release, these are sure to be a hit for any New Year’s party! But, for me they will be nice to look at while I sit at home editing photos and playing monopoly with my son. I will be ringing in the New Year with a peaceful and fun night, with a little bit of work mixed in.

With this New Year’s mix of Trollbeads, I have a few black uniques I’ve collected over the years, two glass Day Light Brilliance, three glass beads from the 2016 LE Winter Wonder Kit, three glass beads from this past Autumns Forest Life Kit and three glass beads from the 2017 Christmas Glitter kit mixed with fantastic Trollbeads silvers and gold. I have included some up-close photos of each section of this bracelet to give you a better view of the beads.

Trollbeads Wishful Star Lock and Trollbeads Mini Heart bead.

Trollbeads Momentum is such a lovely abstract bead.

Trollbeads Guiding Star is a multipurpose fun bead to use whether it be on a bracelet or necklace and can be used to hold two bracelets together.

Trollbeads Intertwined is another great bead from the Autumn collection.  It’s one of my favorite beads to wear on the Trollbeads Interchangeable ring.

Trollbeads Star Bead and one side of Trollbeads Joy, Peace and Love.

I adore Trollbeads Joy, Peace and Love. This photo shows the golden heart, on the other two sides are a peace sign and a Yin and Yang symbol.

Trollbeads Infinity is also another great bead for the Interchangeable Ring, but as you can see it’s perfect on a bracelet, too.

Trollbeads Star of Focus is one of my favorite star beads. I have only managed to get this one. But, I have seen many beautiful combinations with several of these zodiac stars together.

Trollbeads Moonlight Dancing is such a whimsical, abstract bead that flows beautifully.

Trollbeads Wishful Star from the Wishful Star set. This bead might be small but, it’s cute!

Wrist Shot!

I had lots of fun creating and wearing this combination and will bring in the New Year with this beautiful bracelet.

If you like any of the beads from this article you can find them at any of the following links!

Currently there is a Trollbeads Winter Sale going on in the US at the banner link (affiliate link) or at Trollbeads Gallery!


Feature Trollbeads Retailers


Trollbeads Gallery


Beads Fanatic 

Joseph Welch Jewellers

Happy New Years! I hope 2018 is full of peace, good health and good fortune for each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing what each of you are wearing on social media. What will you be doing to bring in the New Year?




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