Trollbeads Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Sneak Peek & Enchanted Forest Debut!

Today Beadsaholic brings a sneak peek of Trollbeads Mother’s and Father’s Day Beads for 2018 and the news of the latest release Enchanted Forest!

Trollbeads Enchanted Forest Collection – Spring 2018 debuts today! This new collection is available at all Trollbeads authorized retailers.


Today also brings a puzzle like sneak peek of what’s to come for Mother’s Day and for the first time Father’s Day! From the two following puzzles, it looks as though Trollbeads Mother’s Day Momma Mia will be a beautiful glass bead with what looks to be peach flowers. Father’s Day bead is definitely a silver bead; but, it is hard to tell what the design will be. Mother’s Day preorders will start on February 9th and Father’s Day preorders are set for February 16th, 2018. As of right now there are no other details or information about these two beads.

Mother’s Day 2018 

Mamma Mia!

She is for joy. For fun. For comfort. And caring. She is the one who is always there. She is love and sunshine. Who? Mamma Mia!

For Mother’s Day 2018, we present to you the limited edition glass bead, Mamma Mia! A vibrant and beautiful, limited glass bead with beautiful flowers. We are sure that this will evoke warm feelings with any mom.

Father’s Day 2018

In 2018, it is not only possible to celebrate mom. Time has come for fathers as well.

It is time to thank fathers for their care and protection and for their love, joy and play. Therefore, for Father’s Day, we launch the strong and masculine bead in Sterling silver; Shield.


Over all, these two beads look rather promising and I will share more information as I receive it!

I have had the enchanted Forest collection for a couple of weeks now and I have to say this collection is rather impressive and fun! If you have not had a chance to browse the collection I highly recommend taking a look. As I mentioned before it is available globally today in all authorized retailers. If you would like to shop this collection you may do so by clicking the banner below (Affiliate link – ships only in the USA) or any of the featured retailers below banner that ship globally.

Trollbeads Featured Retailers

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Joseph Welch Jewellers – Ships globally from UK

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA


As always, I enjoy hearing from you all! What are your thoughts on the Mother’s and Father’s Day beads for 2018? Also, have you ordered any of the Trollbeads Enchanted Forest? If so, which are your favorites?





2 responses to “Trollbeads Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Sneak Peek & Enchanted Forest Debut!

  1. I want both of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day beads. I hemmed and hawed on that first pink roses Mother’s Day bead back in the day. My friends thought it looked bad and I wasn’t sure I would use it enough. I had ample time to buy it, I only have myself to blame. Last year’s multi coloured one didn’t grab me as hard so I passed on it too. This year I will make up for it all 😂

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    • I jumped all over the pink roses when they came out and ended up buying three 😬 I have bought each floral Mother’s Day glass. Ageless Beauty is the only one I missed, I’m still looking for a second. I’m cursed with the thought of needing seconds of certain beads 😂 . I love the color of the flowers on this new bead and I think it’s going to be a gorgeous bead in person and Live Photo’s.

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