Mardi Gras with Cristy Cali Jewelry

Today Beadsaholic brings a review with a Mardi Gras twist featuring Cristy Cali Jewelry!

Living many years in Louisiana I have witnessed the culture of Mardi Gras first hand. Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world; however, there is nothing quite like being in Louisiana during carnival time. Click here to see last year’s combo and read about the history of Mardi Gras.

This year’s combination is all Cristy Cali Jewelry, being that she is deep rooted in New Orleans, Louisiana and the culture of this great city, she has created some of the most perfect beads for Mardi Gras.


I really can’t say which is my favorite bead as I love them all. Each bead reminds me of time spent at parades over the years on both sides of the lake.

Cristy Cali designs are beautiful and well detailed. I have taken some up-close photos so that you can see all the lovely details in each bead.

Cristy Cali Crown Couture Charm is the perfect bead to remind you of your majesty. This crown is beautifully detailed and adorned with fleur de lis, a beautiful French flower. This bead measures approximately 12 mm x 10 mm and retails for $35

Cristy Cali Rex The Rubber Ducky Couture Charm reflects on the culture of the carnival in and around New Orleans. Often there are different themed rubber duckies thrown from parade floats to the many patrons celebrating at the parades. Rex the Rubber Ducky measures approximately 14 mm x 8 mm and retails for $36

Cristy Cali Carnival Skull Emerald Edition Couture Charm is a beautifully detailed sugar skull with beautiful emerald eyes. This bead measures approximately 13 mm x 8 mm and retails for $59.

Cristy Cali Mardi Gras Semi-Precious Couture Charm features Amethyst, Yellow Topaz and Green Agate. photos just don’t show the beauty of this bead. This bead measures approximately 11 mm x 9 mm and retails for $65.

Cristy Cali Carnival Mask Couture Charm is beautifully detailed! Mardi Gras and carnival mask go hand in hand. This is the perfect addition to any carnival bracelet. This bead measures approximately 13 mm x 8 mm and retails for $36.

Cristy Cali Carnival Skull Amethyst Edition Couture Charm is my absolute favorite; however, I’m sure that is because this beautiful sugar skull has Amethyst eyes. This skull measures aproximately 13 mm x 8 mm and retails for $59.

Cristy Cali Snowball Mardi Gras Edition Couture Charm – Louisiana is widely known for their daiquiris and snowballs! This Snowball is special because it has all three Mardi Gras colors, which makes it perfect for this combo. Cristy Cali has ten different snowball colors. This bead measures approximately 13 mm x 8 mm and retails for $50.

Cristy Cali Comedy and Tragedy New Orleans Couture Charm is perfect for a Mardi Gras bracelet as there are many different masks during the carnivals. This bead measures approximately 11 mm x 9 mm and retails for $45.

There are two sides to this charm Comedy which is a laughing masked face.

and Tragedy which is a sad crying face. Note the tears on the right side of the mask.

Cristy Cali Cristy’s Crown Pendant can be worn as a pendant or as a charm on a bracelet. I adore this crown and it is one of the most beloved in my collection. I personally love it on a bracelet. This crown measures approximately 13 mm x 9 mm and retails for $46.

There is just something magical about carnival time!

Wrist Shot!

I think the Cristy Cali Chakra Satin String Bracelets are perfect in a stack with this combination. I’ll have a review soon of the entire collection of Chakra Satin String Bracelets.

Over all, Cristy Cali has beautifully designed beads for any occasion. I have fallen in love with her jewelry and as I add to my collection I’ll feature designs I love here on the blog.

If you would like to shop or browse Cristy Cali Jewelry you may do so by clicking the banner below. This is an affiliate link.

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As always, I love hearing from you all! Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras Carnival or parade? Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? What’s your favorite King Cake? Personally, I love a yummy Bavarian filled king cake!






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