Rea Creations I Love You, Ti Amo and To The Moon Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of three new beads from Rea Creations!

I recently received three new Rea Creations beads from Pianeta Beads in Italy. All three are truly cute beads. My favorite being To the Moon, as this is something I have said to my children all their lives. All three designs are well done, nice details and a nice size. They are perfect on a bangle as you will see below. I have paired them up with Ogerbeads. Both are available at Pianeta Beads.

Rea Creations Ti Amo, which says Ti Amo, then as you turn the bead you will see a heartbeat after the words. Ti Amo is Italian for I love you.

Rea Creations To The Moon says I (heart) u to the (moon) and back (rocket) as you move the bead around. This is my favorite of the three beads and I tend to wear it in the center of my combinations.

Rea Creations I Love You is similar to Ti Amo, except it’s in English and the heartbeat is shaped differently.

Each of the beads are only available at Pianeta Beads. They are limited to only 100 pieces each. Each bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 6 mm wide and retails for €49.00 each.

Below is a list of beads I have placed on the Trollbeads Star Bangle.

  • Trollbeads Lighting Bud Spacer retails for $45.00
  • Ogerbeads Fairy Pink Magic Light retails for 27.00
  • Rea Creations I Love You retails for €49.00
  • Ogerbeads Fairy Pink Fragments retails for €32.00
  • Rea Creations To The Moon retails for €49.00
  • Ogerbeads Blue Seeker retails for €27.00
  • Rea Creations Ti Amo retails for €49.00
  • Ogerbeads Fairy Pink Crowns retails for  27.00
  • Trollbeads Rose Spacer retails for $45.00

Wrist Shot!

I have included a video to show these beads live and to give you a better view of each bead as they turn.

Over all, I think these are such fun beads and are perfect for Valentine’s Day. What better way to say I love you? I really like them together on a bangle and as you can see they sit up high which is perfect between standard glass.

If you would like to shop for Rea Creations or Ogerbeads you may do so at the banner link below.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think about these new beads from Rea Creations? Are they a must have for you? How do you say I love you?





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