Trollbeads Mama Mia and Shield Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Trollbeads Mother’s Day Bead Mama Mia and Trollbeads Father’s Day bead Shield.

I am personally in love with this combination. I just happen to have the perfect Trollbeads uniques I have been holding onto the last few years that I think are a perfect match for Mama Mia! The colors in Mama Mia look fantastic on a Copper or Silver bangle, Copper giving it a warmer look. I’m anxious to play a little more to see what all bead combinations I can come up with and I will be sure to share with you all.

Trollbeads Mama Mia is a limited edition standard size glass with a classic core. As you turn the bead you will see one large coral colored flower and two sets of three coral colored flowers set in clear glass, the core is white with variegated blues, greens and a tad bit of yellow.  I have taken several up-close photos so, that you can see it from every angle. This bead retails for $45 /  €45 / £40

I just love this photo as it shows the different shades of blues, greens with trace of yellow, in a way these remind me of leaves.

Trollbeads Shield is the very first Father’s Day bead and is now available for preorders. As you turn this bead you will see three shields. It has a certain old school Trollbeads feel to me and I like that this bead is on the smaller side measuring approximately 9 mm x 8 mm. Shield retails for $35

Now for an up-close look.

I truly love how beautiful the coral looks on the Copper bangle.

List of Beads

  • Trollbeads Universal Unique retails for $46
  • Trollbeads Endless Impact retails for $35
  • Trollbeads Mama Mia retails for $45
  • Trollbeads Shield retails for $35
  • Trollbeads Universal Unique retails for $46
  • Trollbeads Copper Spacers retails for $10
  • Trollbeads Twisted Copper Bangle retails for $55

Wrist Shots!

Here you can see how different these beads look on the Silver Bangle compared to the Copper Bangle. I of course love both. This will be a go to set for this coming spring and summer for me. I look forward to playing with the Mama Mia and trying it out with some of the previous coral collection, Moonstones, and maybe some white pearls.

Over all, both Mama Mia and Shield are must have beads for any Trollbeads Collector. I truly love both beads and I may need a second Mama Mia!

If you would like to shop for either of these beads, you may do so at the following links. Please note that Trollbeads USA only ships within the USA and is an affiliate link; however, featured retailers below banner ship globally.

Please note that Trollbeads Shield is currently available via preorder, it will not ship until around February 23rd, 2018.



Trollbeads Featured Retailers

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Joseph Welch Jewellers – Ships globally from UK

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of Mama Mia and Shield? What beads would you place Mama Mia with? Are these two new beads on your want list?





3 responses to “Trollbeads Mama Mia and Shield Review

    • Thank you Debbie! They are Universal Uniques, but off hand I don’t know who might have these, I’ve had them a while. I would check some of the online Unique stock at Trollbeads Gallery and a few others who list their Uniques on their websites.


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