Bella Fascini Easter Review and Giveaway!

Today Beadsaholic brings you a review of Bella Fascini Easter Collection and a special giveaway!

Easter is just right around the corner on April 1st, 2018, so it’s time to start thinking about Easter themed bracelets. Today I’m sharing a review of some of Bella Fascini Easter themed beads.

Giveaway details are at the bottom of this article. 

Nothing quite as beautiful as a nest or an Easter basket full of beautifully decorated eggs.

Bella Fascini Easter Bunny Rabbit has luxe color pink enamel ears, beautiful sterling silver body with a nice big bow. This bead measures approximately 15.5mm W x 12mm H x 10mm D and retails for $25. As you can see this bead is a nice size, is beautifully detailed and at a fantastic price!

Bella Fascini Easter Egg swirl are beautifully detailed, comes in an array of Luxe color enamel and each bead has a beautiful silver swirl design, which reminds me of Frabrecé Eggs.

Bella Fascini Easter Egg Swirl Aqua is a beautiful shade of Aqua Blue Freeze (Pearlescent) Luxe color enamel with silver swirl details. This bead is made of sterling silver and measures approximately 10.5mm W x 13mm H x 11.5mm D. Retails for $28 

Bella Fascini Easter Egg Swirl Lavender Purple is in the shade of Berry Burst Purple (Pearlescent) Luxe color enamel with silver swirl detailing, made of sterling silver and measures approximately 10.5mm W x 13mm H x 11.5mm D. Retails for $28  

This purple is my favorite out of the four eggs; however, I love wearing three of the eggs together with two bunnies on a bangle! I’m sure you will see these in several of my combinations for Easter coming up!

Bella Fascini Easter Egg Swirl Pink Passion is a beautiful shade of Pink pearlescent Luxe color enamel with silvery swirl detailing. This bead is also made of sterling silver and measures approximately 10.5mm W x 13mm H x 11.5mm D. Retails for $28

Bella Fascini Easter Egg Swirl Blush Pink is a light pearlescent pink Luxe color enamel with silvery swirls. This bead is sterling silver and measures approximately 10.5mm W x 13mm H x 11.5mm D. Retails for $28

I had a little too much fun taking Easter photos! I wish lighting had been a bit better. I tend to like cloudy days; however, there was a mist and skies were a bit greyer than I like. I hope you enjoy this photo packed review. The charms are so beautifully decorative and were just fun to play with.

Wrist Shot!

The beads sit perfectly together on a Bella Fascini Twisted Bangle with Curly Swirly stoppers.

Over all, if you are like me and like to make themed bracelets for holidays, then you won’t want to miss these beads. They are beautiful and at a fantastic price point! Bella Fascini beads fit all major European brand bracelets like Pandora, Ohm, Chamilia and Trollbeads. So, you can mix them into your collection.

If you would like to browse Bella Fascini’s charm beads, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below.

Now for some fun!

Who is ready for a GIVEAWAY?

  1. Comment below with your favorite Easter tradition.
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Winner will be announced on March 1st, 2018 and one lucky person will win a Bella Fascini Easter Egg Swirl in their choice of color! 

Good Luck Everyone!

I look forward to reading all your traditions! While you are commenting, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these new beads from Bella Fascini! Do you create an Easter bracelet each year?





38 responses to “Bella Fascini Easter Review and Giveaway!

  1. My favorite tradition: was my grandfather would buy homemade chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter and bring them home every Easter for all of the grandchildren. Unfortunately he passed away but now every year I have to buy the homemade chocolate eggs with peanut butter to continue the tradition my grandfather started.

    I do love the Bella Fascini eggs, I have an Easter bracelet -Which I can add a wonderful egg and perhaps that bunny, which I think is absolutely adorable! to the bracelet as well

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  2. My favourite tradition is the easter egg hunt
    I love to hide eggs and treats all over the house and garden anywhere hideable and leaving the odd little clue here and there, such fun to see the childrens happy faces whilst they search with their little baskets 🐣🐥🐰🍫🍬🍭

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  3. Great giveaway! My favorite Easter tradition as a kid was hunting Easter eggs, favorite now is making bracelets! I love the Bella Fascini silver bunny (all year not just Easter), that was actually my first BF bead along with Bouquet Skull, bought on Amazon just randomly a few years ago, before I was even involved with beads on Facebook! Of course the BF Peeps are fabulous too!

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  4. Not sure if my prior comment worked or not, so will post again just in case!

    Favorite childhood Easter tradition: Egg Hunt!

    Favorite adult Easter tradition: Making bracelets!

    Love BF beads, silver bunny and Peeps are some of my faves!

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  5. My favorite tradition was leaving Easter Bunny tracks when my girls were little. I would put out a saucer of flour and tell my daughters that was so we could trick the Easter Bunny. After they were sound asleep, I would squeeze my fingertips tightly together, dip them into the flour, and then touch the rug, making marks from the Easter baskets to the door. In the morning, our daughters would squeal with delight when they saw that we had tricked the Easter Bunny into leaving a trail on the rug.

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  6. One of my favourite tradion was when my grandmother decorate for me the egg chocolate with sugarflowers and sugarpaintings 😍 every year was different and with a little special surprise. It was a child and now I’m 45 and these surprises are with me also today❤

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  7. When I was a child, we would go to my grandparents’ since we did not have a garden. And we would go on an egg hunt around their garden but the nieghbours’ gardens too. They were all retired and they liked having children around so they’d hide eggs for us too. It was really sweet.
    In France, we don’t have the Easter Bunny, it’s Easter Bells flying around in the sky and leaving eggs everywhere.
    Thanks for the giveaway, the eggs look fantastic.

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  8. My favorite Easterling traditions are we always got a stuffed animal in our Easter baskets as children and I’ve continued that with my son. And for Easter dinner we also always have to have pineapple and brownsugar glazed ham, with a potato casserole, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs!

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  9. When I was a child I would never have an Easter egg as my mum always said a bar of chocolate was better value; so now me and my husband will always buy each other an egg as I think a chocolate shell tastes so much better.

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  10. I love coloring the eggs 🙂 I use different methods, which are sometimes crazy, because I go to art school and we always want to make them special. 😀

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  11. My favorite Easter tradition is the egg hunt. My parents hid the chocolate eggs in the garden. Waking up in the morning with my brother, we got up very quickly, eager to find the surprises and eat them. But one year our dog found the eggs in chocolates before us 😦 He did not share with us ….

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  12. Favourite tradition is the “Chasse aux oeufs”. When my chidren were younger, we hid chocolate eggs in the garden and they hunted for the eggs on Easter Sunday.
    All done on Facebook 🙂 Thanks

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  13. i remember at Easter time going to the local five-and-dime store. They would have a huge selection of chocolate bunnies that they would write whatever name you wanted on them. I bought one for each person in my family. Something we still practice today is as American ukrainians we have a traditional Easter breakfast. Eggs are an important part of the breakfast. A tradition I enjoy is we slice a hard boiled egg and the father of the family passes one to the next person with a special wish or blessing and it precedes down the line and then each other person passes a wish or blessing.

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  14. My favorite tradition was coloring Easter eggs with my family the night before Easter. Then waking up the next morning hunting all the Easter eggs. I carry on this tradition with my kids now.

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