Spiritbeads Love and Peace Express Release and Review!

Today Beadsaholic brings news of a new release from Spiritbeads!

Spiritbeads Love and Peace Express is a truly adorable four-piece train set that reminds me of Soul Train from the seventies and eighties. This set would be perfect for any love and peace bracelet.  The set includes Peace Train, Flower Power, Love Express and Peacemaker. You may also buy the train pieces individually; however, if you purchase as a set, the first five-hundred sets come with a free dangle Free Spirit.

The next three photos show the complete set from three angles. Complete sets retails for €220 and the Free Spirit dangle is engraved with its very own limited-edition number.

Spiritbeads Peace Train has the word “Peace” on one side and on the other side is a Peace symbol. This bead weighs approximately 6.5 grams and measures 12.70 mm high x 17.80 mm wide. Individually retails for €55

Spiritbeads Love Express is adorable! This cute train car is in the shape of a heart with the word Love on both sides, one side is adorned with a flower. This bead weighs approximately 6.5 grams and measures 12.60 mm high x 15.40 mm wide. Love Express retails for €55

Spiritbeads Peacemaker brings peace to every town it travels through. This cute train car with a peace symbol adorning both sides. On one side you will see a cute butterfly resting at the top. This bead weighs approximately 6.5 grams and measures 15 mm high x 14 mm wide. Peacemaker retails for €55

Spiritbeads Flower Power is embellished with a cute flower at the top of the train car with a heart design on both sides. This bead weighs approximately 6.5 grams and measures 13.5 mm high x 12.30 mm wide. Flower Power retails for €55

Spiritbeads Free Spirit is a limited-edition dangle featuring a peace dove on one side and a peace symbol on the other. This dangle is limited to only five-hundred pieces and comes FREE with purchase of the complete train set.

I personally love this set as it reminds me of my younger years, not necessarily that it’s a train, but the theme reminds me of times of love, peace and of course much time spent watching the Soul Train! I think this train would be the perfect addition to any 60’s, 70’s or 80′ theme. I could see mixing this train with flowers, hearts and peace symbols.

“We wish you Love, Peace and Soul ~Soul Train”

I have mixed the Spiritbeads Love and Peace Express with Trollbeads, Ohm Beads and Redbalifrog. Below you will find different angles of the bracelet for an up-close view.

Wrist Shots!

With wrist shots, the following photos will show how perfectly each charm lays on the wrist. Each piece is comfortable to wear and as you can see are nice sizes next to the glass beads.

Over all, you can never go wrong with Spiritbeads! Each piece I have had the pleasure of receiving have all been nice weight, size and craftsmanship. The detailing is always amazing. If you are a bit of a flower child like me, then you will love this set.

Preorders are available today and the official release date is March 23, 2018. If you would like to preorder the set or individual pieces, you may do so by clicking the banner link below.


As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of Spiritbeads Love and Peace Express? Do you love this theme?






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