Lundd Denmark Introduction and Rune Bead ‘Love’ Review!

Today Beadsaholic brings an introduction and review of Lundd Denmark Rune Bead Love!

Lundd Denmark is a Danish design and jewelry brand inspired by Norse mythology and the Viking Age. You will find each of their Mermaid Charms rich in history and symbolism. Today I have a review of the Rune Bead “Love”, which is available in rose and silver, designed by Henrik Peter Lund, owner and creator of Lundd Denmark. I look forward to sharing this brand with all of you, as I believe many of you will love the quality and designs that are offered from this brand.

Runes were one of the first systems of writing known as the runic alphabets, it was used to write on stone, wood and metal. Lundd Denmark worked closely in a cooperation with a PhD in Runology at The National Museum of Denmark, this is rather impressive and shows the authenticity of the lettering.

Lundd Denmark Rune ‘Love’ Rose Plated is made of sterling silver, plated in rose gold. This bead measures approximately 10.69 mm high x 11.55 mm wide. The lettering is from ancient runes and spells “Love” in runic. Rune “Love” retails for DKK 275,00 / $45.32 (price is with vat) / €36.93 / £32.31

Lundd Denmark Rune Bead ‘Love’ Silver is an openwork design made of sterling silver. This bead measures approximately 10.69 mm high x 11.55 mm wide. The lettering is from ancient runes and spells “Love” in runic. Rune “Love” retails for DKK 248,00 / $41.20 (price is with vat) / €33.58 / £29.38. 

I truly love the simplicity of this design. On each side of the barrel you will see the word “Love” in runic. I could see this bead being used in a romantic theme. What better way to show your love?

Both silver and rose are elegant and mix well together and with other beads.

Personally, my favorite way to wear this bead is alone on a leather bracelet in a stack.

Here you see the Rune ‘Love’ Rose Plated on the Lundd Denmark Leather Bracelet. This is a 3 mm high quality leather bracelet with a sterling silver lobster clasp. This bracelet is 190 mm and retails for DKK 218,00. Only available on the Lundd Denmark website.

“Runes were developed early in the Viking Age. They were not meant to tell long stories, but rather to document facts. Around the year 1200, runes began to be replaced by the Latin alphabet we still use today.” ~ Lundd Denmark

Wrist Shot!

Lundd Denmark is also well known for their Caviar Spoons. Below you will see two of “The Caviar Spoon Horn” designed and created by Henrik Lund. Each spoon is based on the natural shape of mussels. The spoons are made from horn and vary in color from mixed to champagne and light to dark. The Caviar Spoon retails for DKK 98,00 and are only available on Lundd Denmark’s website.

Over all, I am excited to have Lundd Denmark on Beadsaholic, I think you all will love what this brand has to offer. The beads I have received are of fine quality, beautifully designed and you will find them at a great price point.

Please note that those shopping outside of Europe can shop with both Lundd Denmark and Perlen vat free. Create an account with both websites for your vat free pricing and shipping options.

If you would like to browse the Lundd Denmark brand you may do so at either of the following banner links!

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know what your thoughts are on this fairly new brand?






3 responses to “Lundd Denmark Introduction and Rune Bead ‘Love’ Review!

    • Thank you. The rose on the leather bracelet is my favorite way to wear this bead! I think you will truly love this bead, it is such a unique design. ❤ Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you get it! Can't wait to see how you use this bead.


  1. Oh! How did I miss seeing this post straightaway? Wonderful design, motif, options, yes! And lovely writeup. I can’t order it right away as I’m super broke, but it’s on my “definitely this year” wishlist and I’m going to keep an eye on that brand for sure (and trust you to keep us posted).


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