Trollbeads Campaign: Falling In Love With Trollbeads

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the latest Trollbeads campaign promotion Falling in love with Trollbeads!

Trollbeads has updated and relaunched their Falling in love with Trollbeads campaign to include a few new pieces at a fantastic promotional price.

“Feldspar Moonstone for balance and tranquility: Seek balance of heart and mind; Feldspar Moonstone helps you step into a world of calm and tranquility, relieving you of stress.”

  • Trollbeads Peach Sorbet Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Peach Sorbet Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Peach Sorbet Bracelet $109

“Lapis Lazuli for power and practicality: Dive into the deep blue of lapis lazuli and clear your mind, enhancing your intellectual ability and desire for knowledge. Intensify your memory, and bring harmony into all of your relationships.”

  • Trollbeads Enlightened Elderberry Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Enlightened Elderberry Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Enlightened Elderberry Bracelet $109

“Amazonite for courage and hope: Be granted with the strength to face the world and overcome all self-limitations; Amazonite inspires self-confidence and most importantly, hope.”

  • Trollbeads Minty Macaroon Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Minty Macaroon Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Minty Macaroon Bracelet $109
  • Trollbeads Minty Macaroon Ring of Change $99

“Amethyst for meditation and peace: Give your mind protection against negativity and allow amethyst to guide you in meditation and magnify internal peace and prosperity.”

  • Trollbeads Peaceful Plum Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Peaceful Plum Necklace $169
  • Trollbeads Peaceful Plum Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Peaceful Plum Bracelet $109

“Black Onyx for clarity and strength: Black Onyx encourages you to make the right decisions, grants clarity of thought and enhances your powers of concentration.”

  • Trollbeads Espresso Noir Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Espresso Noir Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Espresso Noir Bracelet $109

“Malachite for imagination and intuition: Heighten your intuition with malachite and give yourself clarity to make the changes you need. Let your imagination become strengthened and reinforce your creativity.”

  • Trollbeads Imaginative Ivy Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Imaginative Ivy Twisted Bangle $159
  • Trollbeads Imaginative Ivy Bracelet $109
  • Trollbeads Imaginative Ivy Necklace $159

“Let these freshwater pearls allure you into a sense of calm, surrounding you with positivity and honesty.”

“Pink Pearls: for energy and good fortune.”

  • Trollbeads Pink Pearl Bangle $149
  • Trollbeads Pink Pearl Twisted Bangle $149
  • Trollbeads Pink Pearl Bracelet $99
  • Rosa Pearl Ring $69
  • Trollbeads Pink Pearl Necklace $169

“Timeless Pearls for beauty and honesty.”

  • Trollbeads Pearl Bangle $149
  • Trollbeads Pearl Twisted Bangle $149
  • Trollbeads Pearl Bracelet $99
  • Trollbeads Pearl Ring Set $139
  • Trollbeads Hawthorn with Pearl Ring $69

Over all, this is a fantastic deal! If you have had your eye on any of these pieces, then it is a good time to get those sought-after pieces at a discounted price. I personally love the stones in this collection and wear mostly bangles, therefor I find this promotion rather appealing. You can never have too many stones or bangles!

If you would like to shop this collection you may do so at either of the following banner links. Please note that Trollbeads USA is an affiliate link and they ship only in the USA and Trollbeads Gallery ships globally.


As always, I love hearing your thoughts! What do you think of this promotion from Trollbeads? Do you have any of these sets or plan on taking advantage of this great discount?






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