Ogerbeads Dandelion, Voltage and Sandstorm Flux Review!

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of three new beads from Ogerbeads!

Ogerbeads introduced sterling silver beads into their line earlier this month along with some new Flux colors. Recently, on a beautiful warm Spring day I wore some of these beautiful beads to the park and was able to get few truly beautiful photos of these fabulous beads. One of my favorite beads from this release is the Dandelion silver and this year I just happen to have a yard full of dandelions, which happens to be one of my favorite plants. As a child I have fond memories of picking these and making a wish before blowing all the little seedpods and watching them as they floated through the air.

Ogerbeads Sandstorm Flux Fragments (OGER0160U) is a beautiful aqua, topaz with a touch of brown dillo design, that is faceted and which gives this bead a unique texture, this is one of the things I love about Ogerbeads Flux designs. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 7 mm wide and has a universal sterling silver core. Sandstorm Flux Fragments retails for 32

Ogerbeads Voltage OGER0451U is one of the first released silvers from Ogerbeads! This bead is bound to give your bracelet a jolt of energy with its high voltage sterling silver design. This bead weighs 2.51 grams, measured approximately 13 mm high x 7 mm wide and has a universal core. Voltage retails for 37

“This high voltage bead is ready to charge your soul, so you have the energy to focus on the things that matter to you most.”

Ogerbeads Dandelion OGER0453U is such a unique design! I have been hoping for a dandelion bead for quite some time now and I think Ogerbeads has beautifully executed their design in this silver bead. This bead weighs 2.63 grams, measures approximately 13.5 mm high x 7 mm wide and has a universal core. Ogerbeads Dandelion retails for 37

“The dandelion is considered to bring good luck and prosperity and helps to let bad thoughts and memories go. Some believe that rubbing yourself with these flowers brings luck in the form of appreciation and being welcomed everywhere you go.”

The beads I used in this design are all Ogerbeads as followed.

  • Ogerbeads Fairy Garden Magic retails for 27
  • Ogerbeads Voltage retails for €37
  • Ogerbeads Sandstorm Flux Fragments retails for €32
  • Ogerbeads Dandelion retails for €37
  • Ogerbeads Caribbean Glass Stone Fragments retails for €32
  • Ogerbeads Twisted Bracelet retails for €49
  • Ogerbeads Stopper Elegance retails for €27

Wrist Shot! 

Over all, I’m loving these new beads from Ogerbeads! I am excited to see the silver addition to the line and have made a huge wish list! Ogerbeads are beautifully designed, size is controlled for the most part, so if you are like me and love matching glass, then this is a good brand to consider.

If you would like to shop for or browse Ogerbeads, then you may do so at either of the following links.


As always, I love hearing your thoughts and would love to know what you think of the new release from Ogerbeads? Do you have a favorite? Have you ordered any beads from this brand?







One response to “Ogerbeads Dandelion, Voltage and Sandstorm Flux Review!

  1. Nice review, thank you ! I covet Dandelion, of COURSE, because I’m partial to edible weeds. Honestly, it was funny to read how it’s considered good luck and suchlike, because here in the States it’s pretty much considered an annoying weed, which is really too bad, as it’s one of the earliest blooming wildflowers, and important for bees, etc. Plus, it’s edible, AND you can make some really delicious wine from the flowers. 😀


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