Spiritbeads Spirit of Vietnam and Lotus Flower Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review and complete details about Spiritbeads latest release Spirit of Vietnam and Lotus Flower!

Spiritbeads Kokeshi – Spirit of Vietnam is such a sweet bead! She has the most innocent expression on her face, a beautiful long braid handing down from her conical hat and she is carrying rice baskets as you can see from the front and back view. This bead weighs 7.4 grams and measures approximately 15.30 mm high x 10.20 mm wide. Spirit of Vietnam retails for €48 (with vat)

Please note, that this bead is limited edition; however, it will not come numbered, instead there will be a limited order window. Spiritbeads will be taking orders until April 10, 2018, so if you are wanting this bead, make sure you order before the deadline.

Spiritbeads Lotus Flower is such a stunning bead, at every turn you will find lily pads, buddings and a beautiful flowering Lotus. This bead weighs 7.4 grams and measures approximately 11.3 mm high x 12.4 mm wide. This bead is not limited and is part of the Spiritbeads collection. Lotus Flower retails for €48 (with Vat)

I truly love the Spiritbeads line, their beads are all a nice size, good weight and are reasonably priced. Below you will find a combination of Spiritbeads silvers with Trollbeads and Ogerbeads glass, as you can see Spiritbeads mix well.

If you loved the previously released Kokeshi beads, then you won’t want to miss out on this cute little girl, once April 10th has come and gone, there will be no more.

Here are some close-up photos of the beads I chose to use in this combination.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I really enjoy Spiritbeads and am so excited to add these two new beads to my collection. The Lotus Flower is a must have if you are like me and love using flowers in your spring and summer combos. I look forward to mixing this Lotus with a few others I have from other brands to make a Koi pond combo, I’ll share my Koi creation once it’s done!

If you would like to shop for either of these beads, then you may click the banner below.


Here is a live Sneak Peek of Spiritbeads Spirit of Vietnam before her release today.

Be sure to subscribe to Beadsaholics YouTube, I’ll post live previews and sneak peeks from time to time!


As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know what your thoughts are on these two new Spiritbeads? Is it love at first sight? A must-have for you?






2 responses to “Spiritbeads Spirit of Vietnam and Lotus Flower Review

  1. It’s really really a lovely bead and I’ve already pre-ordered mine yesterday. I was waiting for the next Kokeshi to add to my Japanese themed bracelet, so this one won’t end there…
    But I’ll love her on a bangle! Looking forward for the release…
    PS: I don’t ‘do’ pink, but your bracelet is gorgeous!


  2. Pink is the perfect color to pair with your Kokeshi beads, Paula. So soft and feminine. I notice you don’t have the first Kokeshi doll with the bun in her hair. Are you missing it like the rest of us collectors?!


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