Ogerbeads Universe and Anemone Flux Fragments Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ogerbeads Universe and Anemone Flux Fragments!

Personally, I love a celestial themed bead and Universe is a refreshing new design from Ogerbeads, it has sold out twice since its debut and is now back in stock!

I have placed Universe as the focal among beautiful shades of purple, including the new Anemone Flux Fragments which is a stunning faceted armadillo design.

Ogerbeads Universe is a stunning bead set in sterling silver with a Jupiter type ring going all the way around in a tilted fashion, different sized stars, some are risen and some indented. This bead weighs 3.17 grams and measures approximately 13 mm high x 10 mm wide. Universe retails for 37 (with Vat)

“In our dreams we are able to travel across the universe. Shape it as you want and travel across the stars!”

Ogerbeads Anemone Flux Fragments is beautiful shades of purple. I truly love this bead and it is a perfect match for Ogerbeads Dark Empire Air Fragments! This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 7 mm wide and retails for 32 (with vat).

Showing here with a different back ground you can see how rich and deep the purples are.

Starting from left to right – bead list.

  • Ogerbeads Purple Sky Twisted Fragments retails for 32
  • Ogerbeads Purple Sky Confetti retails for €27
  • Ogerbeads Dark Empire Air Fragments retails for €32
  • Ogerbeads Universe retails for 37
  • Ogerbeads Anemone Reflux Fragments retails for 32
  • Ogerbeads Purple Sky Baroque Festival retails for €27
  • Ogerbeads A Touch of Lavender Pixiedust Fragments retails for 32

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I adore the craftsmanship of Ogerbeads, the design in these beads are well executed and are stunning! Purple is my favorite color and I truly love these dark moody purples. Universe is the perfect bead to wear along or in any combo, I especially love it in a celestial combo with moons and stars etc.

If you would like to browse Ogerbeads selection of beads, then you may do so at either of the banner links below.


As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on the new beads from Ogerbeads? Have you had a chance to look at all the new Flux designs?






One response to “Ogerbeads Universe and Anemone Flux Fragments Review

  1. I waited for these to come back in stock and ordered 2. By the weight, it seems like a small bead,. Hopefully the details won’t be difficult to see. I am looking forward to pairing them with Luna, Big Earth, Stardust, my astro sloth, blue goldstone and maybe wishful sky or BF bead.


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