Cristy Cali Jewelry Snowball Review!

Here in the South especially Louisiana and Mississippi snowballs are a popular treat, you will find many small snowball stands sitting on the side of the road with a line of customers wanting a yummy sweet treat to cool off in the summer heat. Snowballs stands are usually open from Spring until late fall and have a wide arrange of tasty sweet ice. Cristy Cali has created her very own iconic tasty treat without all the calories of the real thing. Cristy Cali Snowball Couture Charms come in an array of colors “flavors” Plain Silver, Vanilla, Blueberry, Mint, Strawberry, Grape, Chocolate, Cream and Cotton Candy.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Each Bead measures approximately 12 mm high x 8 mm wide and are made of sterling silver.

Cristy Cali’s Snowball in Plain Silver retails for $38 and all other flavors (with enamel) retail for $44

Over all, this is a fun charm for a summer bracelet and you can even match them to your outfits 😉

If you would like to browse the Cristy Cali Jewelry line, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below. When using this link, you will save 10% off your entire order. Don’t forget to look at the retired section and save up to 60% off these items.

As always, I love hearing from you all. Do you love Snowballs? If so, what’s your favorite flavor? Mine is Pina Colada and cotton candy, yummy!





2 responses to “Cristy Cali Jewelry Snowball Review!

    • Hi Rosanne, they are under the Cali Couture Charms and Bracelets. I could link you to it directly, but in order to use the 10% off you need to go through the link from my page. Once on the site if you click on catalog, then on Cali Couture Charms, it’s about 5 pages down you will see a pink snowball on a silver bracelet. Click that and there is a drop down menu to choose the one you want. If you have any issues email me at and I can help you find it 😉


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