Details on how to save up to 60% Off All Retired Cristy Cali Jewelry and a Review of three beautiful rings!

Today Beadsaholic brings you news of a fantastic sale and a review!

Earlier this year Cristy Cali decided to retire some of her line to make room for some great new releases. I personally think these are some fantastic designs that have retired, and I hate to see them go, but I do understand the need to grow and expand, something must retire to bring new exciting products into the line. Visit the retired section on Cristy Cali Jewelry website to see the complete selection of retired items. I have the honor of having a few of the items that are retiring in my collection and thought I’d share them here with you today.

You will find everything from charms to rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants retiring in the Cristy Cali Jewelry line, including three of my favorite rings I wear on a regular basis! If you have not browsed the Cristy Cali website, then I suggest you take the time to look as there are some fabulous designs retiring and you will not want to miss some of these items at such a great price. Currently all retired jewelry is 60% off!

Cristy Cali Her Majesty’s Ring is simply fabulous! This is a statement ring with a beautiful black Swarovski set in a beautiful crown setting, on both sides you will find a raised Fleur de Lis with great oxidation detailing. The crowned stone sits 7 mm off the finger and the crown is approximately 14 mm wide. This is a nice and heavy ring. Her Majesty’s Ring originally retailed for $225 and is currently on sale for $135

Cristy Cali Elegante is such a unique design! You will not find another ring out there like this. This ring comes in three different colors, below is the Azur (London blue), also available are Rosso (garnet) and Diamante (clear and sparkly). This is another fantastic statement ring. Each ring contains Cz’s set in Sterling silver in a unique design. This ring sits off the finger about 8 mm and is about 15 mm x 2o mm. Elegante originally retailed for $145 and is currently on sale for $87

Cristy Cali Fleur de Lis Spoon Ring in one of a few spoon ring designs by Cristy. This ring and the Magnolia Spoon rings are now retired. Both are stunning designs and I just need to add the Magnolia to my collection! If you suffer from any type of Auto Immune issue, then you must look up spoon theory and this could be your extra spoon to help you get through the day. A simply beautiful reminder that “you got this” and that you will make it through each day. I personally wear this ring a lot, it’s simple, beautiful and goes with everything. This ring is about 22 mm wide. Fleur de Lis Spoon Ring originally retailed for $135 and is currently on sale for $81.

Over all, you cannot go wrong with any item from the Cristy Cali Collection. She truly has a gift for design and I personally love every piece in my collection. This is a great time to try out some of her pieces at such a great price. You will find charms, pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets in the retired section of her website.

Ready to shop? Click the banner below to be redirected to Cristy Cali Jewelry. All items are tax free and shipped internationally.

If you have any items from the Cristy Cali Collection, I would love to hear about them comment below and tell me your favorites! Do you see anything you love in the retired sale?






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