Happy Earth Day – Featuring Cristy Cali Element Rings, Street Tile and Magnolia Charms!

Today Beadsaholic is featuring Cristy Cali’s Street Tile, Magnolia charms and Element Rings!

Happy Earth Day! Today is the day to celebrate our huge beautiful Earth and I’m celebrating here on the blog with Cristy Cali Jewelry!

Cristy Cali Street Tile come in the entire alphabet and numbers one through nine. Each bead is 10.73 mm high and retails for $65

Cristy Cali Magnolia is one of my favorite floral beads, each bead is beautifully detailed, measures 11.57 mm high x 9.73 mm wide and retails for $40. Cristy Cali offers a wide arrange of matching Magnolia jewelry to go with this beautiful bead.

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought Cristy Cali’s Element Rings were perfect for the occasion! My birthday is coming up this Wednesday and being a late April baby means that I was born in the Earth Element. I really love this ring, it has a nice size band and fits comfortably. This ring is available in sizes 5 – 10 (US size chart) and retails for $65

There are four element signs fire, water, air and earth and there are two element rings that display two of each of the signs. Photos of each design are below.

These are truly great designs, I wear my Element Ring often and really love the simplicity of the ring.

If you would like to browse the Cristy Cali Jewelry line and save 10% off your entire order, then click the banner below.


What is your Element sign? What did you do for Earth Day? As always, I love hearing from you all, so leave me a comment below!





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