Redbalifrog White Sea Pearl and Shelly Mix Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Redbalifrog White Sea Pearl and Shelly Mix charms!

Last month we saw the debut of Redbalifrog’s first release of the year and I must say they have really outdone themselves with these wonderful designs! Today we will take a closer look at the White Sea Pearl, Shelly Mix and a couple of older sea themed charms that I personally love! It is no secret that by the sea is where I long to be.

Redbalifrog White Sea Pearl is a luscious genuine white sea pearl that measure approximately 12 mm high x 11 mm wide. This is one bead I’d love multiplies of. This bead retails for $46 / €41 / £36

Redbalifrog Shelly Mix is a fantastic addition to the existing sea theme collection! This beautiful bead is a mix of all different shapes and types of shells. I have added several photos so that you can see this bead at every turn as it is well detailed. This bead measures approximately 12 mm high x 10 mm wide and retails for $37 / €31.50 / £28

Redbalifrog White Pearl in Clamshell is such a cute dangle that can be worn on a bracelet or as a pendant. White Pearl in Clamshell retails for $33 / €28.50 /£25.50

Redbalifrog Sea Urchin is one of my favorite sea beads, this bead has amazing details and gives lots of texture to a bracelet. This bead retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50

I have paired Redbalifrog’s Pearl with two Trollbeads Pink Pearls, to make it easier to judge the average size.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, if you are looking for fantastic sea themed beads, then look no further as Redbalifrog has amazing sea beads! I highly recommend browsing their collection of sea/beach themed beads.

If you would like to shop for any of these beads, then you may do so by clicking any of the following links.

Redbalifrog Authorized Retailers


Redbalifrog USA

Uptown Shop

Hartwell House

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Brown Dog Antiques 


Beads Fanatic 

Joseph Welch Jewellers 


Pianeta Beads 

Star Bijou


As always, I love hearing from you all, so leave me a comment below! I’d love to know what is your favorite sea theme bead? What beach do you love to visit or would like to visit?





2 responses to “Redbalifrog White Sea Pearl and Shelly Mix Review

  1. Shelly mix from all the ones above.
    When I was younger and lived in India, I loved going to the beach. Here in north 🇬🇧, fish and chips by the sea is fun but I’m almost always freezing by the sea side.
    I would love to visit South India beaches again.

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