Lundd Denmark The Ugly Duckling, Ballerina and Daisy Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of The Ugly Duckling, Ballerina and Daisy from Lundd Denmark!

Recently I introduced this great new brand Lundd Denmark to Beadsaholic, since then I have had a chance to wear and test out some of the line to share with you guys. Below are three beads based off stories from Hans Christian Andersen a Danish author. H.C. Andersen was a prolific writer of plays, novels and poems, but he was most known for fairy tales. Some of which went on to be put into major movie production by Disney, famous ballets and plays.

Lundd Denmark The Ugly Duckling is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a duckling that grew up as a dark and strange cousin that matured to become the most beautiful swan on the lake! This story was written in 1843. The Ugly Duckling measures approximately 13.60 mm high x 12.30 mm wide, the mother on top is sterling silver two-tone with a gold bill, on the bottom you will find the ugly duckling (swan) is oxidized. The Ugly Duckling retails for $47.99 (Price includes Vat)

“He had been persecuted and despised for his ugliness, and now he heard them say he was the most beautiful of all the birds. Even the elder-tree bent down its bows into the water before him, and the sun shone warm and bright. Then he rustled his feathers, curved his slender neck, and cried joyfully, from the depths of his heart, “I never dreamed of such happiness as this, while I was an ugly duckling.” ~ The Ugly Duckling by H.C. Andersen”

Lundd Denmark Ballerina is a beautiful Ballerina inspired by H.C. Andersen’s “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” which is about a Tin Soldier’s love for a paper ballerina. This fairy tale was first published in 1838. This bead measures approximately 12.60 mm high x 16 mm wide and retails for $42.99 (Price includes vat)

“The ballerina and the one-legged tin soldier lived a short and lovely life together in the gutters. Until they both ended in the melting pot. To be reborn as a silver heart.” ~ Lundd

 “He felt himself melting away, but he still remained firm with his gun on his shoulder. Suddenly the door of the room flew open and the draught of air caught up the little dancer, she fluttered like a sylph right into the stove by the side of the tin soldier, and was instantly in flames and was gone. The tin soldier melted down into a lump, and the next morning, when the maid servant took the ashes out of the stove, she found him in the shape of a little tin heart. But of the little dancer nothing remained but the tinsel rose, which was burnt black as a cinder.” ~ The Steadfast Tin Soldier by H.C. Andersen”

Lundd Denmark Daisy/Marguerit inspired by H.C. Andersen “The Butterfly”, this is a story about a butterfly trying to find his great love of a flower. This Daisy measures approximately 11 mm high x 9 mm wide, this is a sterling silver two-tone bead with white enamel on each petal. This bead retails for $42.99 (price includes Vat)

“Sweet Miss Marguerite Daisy,” he said, “you’re the wisest woman of all the flowers – you can tell fortunes! Tell me, should I choose this one or that one? Which one am I to have? When you have told me, I can fly straight to her and propose.” ~ The Butterfly by H.C. Andersen”

Lundd Denmark Celtic Stoppers are fantastic Celtic knot design with a rubber inside to keep your beads safely on your bangle or bracelet. Each Celtic stopper retails for $19.99 (price includes vat)

I truly love each design and think they are perfect for any combinations no matter the time of year. Whether you love the stories that inspired each bead or just love the design, each bead is beautifully executed.

Here are a few views to show how each bead sits nicely on a bangle. Lundd Denmark beads are compatible with all European bracelet brands.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I think many of you will find these beads and brand charming. Each bead is beautifully designed and mix well with other brands. If you would like to read more about H.C. Andersen and his stories, click here.

Lundd Denmark and Perlen offer vat free shopping for those of us who live outside of Europe, you will however need to create an account or sign in, to see the price without vat.

If you would like to shop or browse Lundd Denmark, you may do so at either of the links below.


As always, I love hearing from each of you and would love to know your thoughts on Lundd Denmark? Have you ordered from this brand yet? What beads best speak to you?






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