Cristy Cali Jewelry Treasure Chest, Captain Jack Skully and Gator Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Cristy Cali’s Treasure Chest, Captain Jack Skully and Gator!

Today I went with a pirate theme inspired by Captain Hook! Cristy Cali’s Treasure Chest, Captain Jack Skully and Gator create the perfect pirate theme. I love doing ocean themes during the Summer and Cristy Cali has a whole line of ocean themed beads that are just perfect for any Summer bracelet. The Treasure Chest and Captain Jack Skully are newly released and if you haven’t checked all the new items Cristy’s added to her line recently, then I suggest taking a look. Lots of cute new beads and jewelry in general.

I had lots of fun taking these photos by the lake!

Cristy Cali Captain Jack Skully Couture Charm was inspired by the rich history of pirates, forts and battles in the history of St Augustine, Florida. This is such a great bead for any pirate’s theme! This bead measures approximately 13 mm high x 12 mm wide and retails for $38

Cristy Cali Gator Couture Charm Is a cute Alligator that wraps around your bracelet. This bead measures approximately 12 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $45

Cristy Cali Treasure Chest Couture Charm is a beautifully detailed chest that opens to reveal the treasures inside. Inside the chest you will find a silver crown, a genuine aquamarine, ruby and amethyst stones. From top of bail to the bottom of chest this charm measures approximately 20 mm x chest alone closed is 7 mm high x 10 mm wide and retails for $89

I love the details of the chest and like wearing it open to see the stones and crown.

Left to right: Redbalifrog Bubbles Stoppers, Cristy Cali Captain Jack Skully, Trollbeads Lapis Lazuli, Trollbeads Wisdom, Cristy Cali Treasure Chest, Trollbeads Lapis Lazuli, Cristy Cali Gator and Redbalifrog Bubbles.

Wrist Shots!

Here are wrist shots at different angles to see how each bead sits. In this wrist shot I have the Cristy Cali Fleur de Lis Knot Lobster Clasp Bracelet, Trollbeads bangle with Aurora Charm Iris Celtic Eternity. I really love the Trollbeads Wisdom bead next to the Treasure chest.

Over all, these are fun beads, compatible with all European brands and as you can see they are similar in size and mix well with other beads.

If you would like to browse the Cristy Cali Jewelry line, then you may do so by clicking the link banner below! Also, you will save 10% off your entire order! Cristy Cali ships globally.

As many know, I adore the Cristy Cali line and I hope you enjoy seeing the brand here on the blog. I would love to hear your thoughts! So, leave me a comment below.

Hugs, Love & Peace,




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