Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth Review and Edone Event Details!

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth and details of the Ohm Beads Event in Italy!

Dead Head Moth (Acherontia atropos) is a member of the Hawk-Moth family and is a large brown, black, yellow moth with a human skull-shaped pattern on the thorax. Dead Head Moth is renowned for being featured in artwork of Sulamith Wülfing and William Holman Hunt, as well as several movies including The Silence of the Lamb and we can’t forget about the short story “The Sphinx” by Edgar Allen Poe where in detail he speaks of his encounter with a giant Death’s-headed Sphinx and its cry of terror. This species gets its name from a Greek Goddess Atropos, she was one of three goddesses responsible for fate and destiny. It’s not surprising that this beautiful moth has been part of many folklore stories and superstitions.

I am partial to Moths, I feel they are not sinister at all and are the dark prince of the night, the nocturnal butterfly. Being rather nocturnal myself, I find all creatures of the night to be most interesting.

The Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth is designed like the Ohm Beads Butterflies being that there are two moths connected at the bottom of the body and the top of the wings. There are three opening one on each side of the bead and one at the top, allowing for this bead to be worn on a bracelet or on the Ohm Beads Ball Necklace.

Above, I have styled the Ohm Beads Moth on a two-tone Trollbeads Leather, I placed the leather through, then circled around and pushed one end through again, it is a tight fit, so for the last strand of leather I used a bead stringer to pull it through by the top of the wings.  Below I have it styled on a cotton cord (Lycra Strap).

Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth is beautifully detailed the same both front and back. The wings remind me of the swirls you see in Van Gogh’s Starry Night Painting. As you can see below the details are just amazing! The bead measures approximately 13 mm high x 18 mm wide. Dead Head Moth is limited to only 1,111 pieces and retails for €65

Each bead comes in a black box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, each bead is marked with a matching number to their certificate.

How cool is it that I received #113? ❤

Below I have combined Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth with Ohm Beads Butterflies, Dreamscape and Purple Haze on an Ohm Beads Dirty Bracelet. As you can see both Butterflies and Dead Head Moth are similar in size.

Here I have placed the Dead Head Moth on a Trollbeads Bangle with Beauty Beads Large Frozen Way Glass. The Glass is Jumbo size.

I am particularly fond of the Death Head Moth with the Ohm Beads Night Sky barrel glass.

Size wise I think the moth goes well with Trollbeads standard glass size, which is roughly 14 mm. I have combined the Moth here with Trollbeads Mamma Mia.

Of course, the moth really stands out when combined with Trollbeads small and beautiful beads. Below I have placed it with Trollbeads Uniques also referred to as Green Bubbles.

Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth is the event bead for this year’s Ohm Event in Naples, Italy at Edoné Gioielli. Event beads are often designed by both Ohm and the Ohmster (Retailer). Last year Edoné Gioielli designed in cooperation with Ohm the very beautiful Sacred Heart, seen in the combination below.

Below has been my favorite combination so far, I really love the Moth on the leather, it fits perfectly and is a statement piece for sure. I of course had to pair it with last year’s event bead the Sacred Heart along with Trollbeads Bubbles that match the leather.

Though I have not had a chance to wear the Dead Head Moth on the Ball Necklace yet, I wanted to be sure to share it with you as well, so you could see how it looks. I think it works perfectly! It would be nice to have one to wear on the necklace and on a leather as a set!

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I feel this is a must have bead or at least it is for me. I was beyond excited when this bead was previewed as it is a wonderful design.

Ohm Beads Event: Saturday May 26th, 2018 from 10 am through 8 pm UTC +2 at Edoné Gioielli in Naples, Italy! This is sure to be a great event and if you plan to be in the area, it’s one I wouldn’t want to miss! There will be several fantastic buys like the limited-edition Ohm Beads Deadhead Moth seen here in this review above or this preview and if you purchase the Italian Collection (five pieces) seen here, you will receive the Ohm Beads Pizza free!

For more details please visit Edoné Gioielli Facebook Page, Event Page or website.

If you would like to pre-order the Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth then you may do so here on Edoné Gioielli Website. Please note that this bead is a limited-edition exclusive to Edoné Gioielli and is not available anywhere else. This is a pre-order and will not ship out until the event has taken place on the 26th of May.

As always, I truly love hearing from you all and would love to know if you have ordered this bead and your thoughts on the design? I personally cannot wait to see what Edoné and Ohm come up with next year! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts? Are you superstitious of Dead Head Moths?





6 responses to “Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth Review and Edone Event Details!

  1. So glad I preordered. It is very captivating. I got 2. One will go on a bangle with my Small and Beautiful caterpillars, and one on a necklace. Or I’ll mix it up. Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great idea!! I didn’t think to pair it with the caterpillar unique. Yes, I wish I had two now, one for the necklace and one for the wrist, this will be a regular worn bead for me for sure. I’m currently loving it on leathers, but will mostly likely go between leathers and bangles to switch it up. Can’t wait to see your photos, Nereida!


    • If by chance you receive the oxidized version, you can remove the oxidation with a cleaning cloth. I would think there would be a greater chance of getting silver. 💕


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