Trollbeads Unique Beads Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of some special uniques from Trollbeads.

Recently, I was browsing my favorite shops on Facebook and ran across a Trollbeads Unique Party at Trollbeads Long Island. I have been collecting beads for quite a few years and have fond memories of all the Trollbeads Unique parties that use to fill Facebook pages. I remember staying up late just to catch the parties in Europe, as I know so many stayed up late to catch the parties here in America. It was a nice surprise to see these beautiful beads being offered on Trollbeads Long Island Facebook page. I was lucky enough to catch a jumbo Anemone unique and a standard size Tulip unique.

I placed the Trollbeads Tulip unique with a couple of older hot pink glitter uniques, the Sneaky Fox Spacer and Rose Spacer on a Trollbeads Bangle with standard Spacers. I hope to find more uniques in this teal/green with pink colors.

The two Trollbeads Spacers Sneaky Fox and Roses are two of my favorite spacers to use between beads, they do well as stoppers, but find them both just so beautiful and like to use them as part of the focal on a bangle.

I wasn’t completely sold when I first saw photos of the tulip uniques, many photos had tons of beads in them and it was a bit hard to see the details, I had heard many say they reminded them of chicken feet, I didn’t find that appealing at all! However, I do have to say up close and especially in person they don’t remind me of chicken feet at all. I am actually fond of this bead and wouldn’t mind adding more in different colors to my collection. I have always had a soft spot for Trollbeads flowers, so I’m happy to see a few new designs.

The Trollbeads Tulip has a beautiful teal base. This is a standard size bead with a cc core. Standard Uniques retail for $46 

Here you can see how much bigger the jumbo unique are compared to the standard size uniques.

I have paired my Trollbeads Anemone Unique with Ohm Beads Bucket List, a standard Spacer and Trollbeads Lightening Buds Spacer.

I’m normally not one who likes huge beads, but I have to say I’m so in love with this design. I have been slowly falling in love with larger focal beads, both Trollbeads Jumbos and recently Beauty Beads. I have not tried them on a bracelet yet, but do love them on the bangle. Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques retail for $56

Is this not the most beautiful unique?

Wrist Shot!

I have stacked the two Trollbeads bangles with a Trollbeads Leather that is being adorned by the stunning Ohm Beads Dead Head Moth.

Over all, I’m looking forward to seeing all the new Trollbeads Uniques coming our way this summer!

Trollbeads Long Island had a few uniques left on their page if you would like to browse, click here

Also, the following Featured Trollbeads Retailers have live images of unqiues on their websites.

(Alphabetical order)

Beads Fanatic – Ships Globally from Spain

Joseph Welch Jewellers – Ships Globally from the UK

Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships Globally from the USA

I always love hearing from you all. I’d love to know what lucky finds you have found lately? Are there any uniques you are on the hunt for? I recently saw a Seahorse I’d love to have! Maybe an octopus, too! I love summer and all the ocean themes.





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