Beauty Beads Mary and the Sleeping Dragon and Bernardi Daisy Flower Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Mary and the Sleeping Dragon and Bernardi Daisy Flower by Beauty Beads!

With this statement piece from Beauty Beads, you don’t really need to wear anything else! I recently received this beauty and honestly can say this is one of the most beautiful dragon I have ever seen, something very endearing about it. I paired Mary and the Sleeping Dragon with Bernardi Daisy flowers, which to me looks like they are sleeping in a field of daisies.

There are two versions of Beauty Beads Mary and the Sleeping Dragon one with rubber rings, which will snugly fit on smaller bracelets and bangles like Trollbeads and there is a version which has no rubber rings that will fit on larger bracelets and leathers. I have the ones without rubber rings, however I’m sure I could add my own if I wanted.

Below you will see that this is a large sleeping dragon that is curled into a sleeping position, on her side is a cute little girl sleeping. I have secured the dragon and Bernardi Daisy Flowers on two Trollbeads Bangles with Redbalifrog Stoppers.

I have included several photos of just the dragon, some of which are up-close to show the details.

Beauty Beads Mary and the Sleeping Dragon is a stunning large piece of art. I cannot stress how beautiful this bead actually is. This bead is heavy and measures approximately 28 mm high x 30 mm wide.  It will fit on 3.5 mm with rubber rings and 4.5 mm bracelet without rubber rings, this does not change the price of the bead.  Mary and the Sleeping Dragon retails for $138.43 (this price includes vat, if you live outside of Europe you will need to log in to get the vat free price.)

Mary and the Sleeping Dragon reminds me so much of the Movie “The Neverending Story”.

Beautiful detailing on the face.

There isn’t a lot of detailing to the little girl, as she is knelled on her side, with her hands up by her face. However, with the naked eye you can tell there is a little girl sleeping on the dragon’s side.

As you can see, there is a place to thread two bracelets or bangles and if you like you can just thread it on one side and wear it as a pendant.

Bernardi Daisy Flower are stunning hand-painted porcelain beads, each one is uniquely different. These beads have a white background with muted colors of green and yellow creating a beautiful field of daisies, each bead measures roughly 14 mm x 14 mm and retails for $35.60 (Vat included)

Here is an up-close Macro view and I must say it’s truly a work of art! Nothing like adding a beautiful painting to your collection.

Beauty Beads Mary and the Sleeping Dragon would also work well on the Trollbeads Leather bracelet wrap, a cord or silk wrap.

Wrist Shot!

I am wearing just the two bangles with the dragon and daisies stacked with a couple of Pandora Leathers.

Mary and the Sleeping Dragon also works well on a silk wrap! I have paired Mary and the sleeping dragon with Beauty Beads Frozen Way, Spiritbeads Tea House, Kokeshi’s Tea and Trollbeads Jumbo Unique.

Over all, these are wonderful beads, that I’m happy to have in my collection. I can see myself wearing the Dragon on a silk cord throughout summer, I tend to wear less on hot days and this is perfect, as I can wear less but still look like I have more on.

If you would like any of the Beauty Beads listed in this article, then you may shop at the banner link below! Perlen offers vat free shopping for everyone outside of Europe and offer free shipping with orders over €54. 


I hope you guys love this dragon as much as I do, and I would love to hear your thoughts? So, leave me a comment below! Do you have any Beauty Beads?






2 responses to “Beauty Beads Mary and the Sleeping Dragon and Bernardi Daisy Flower Review

  1. Thank you for this review! I was wowed by this bead as soon as it was released, but have yet to order it. I *almost* did when they had their sale on Beauty beads a few weeks back but didn’t in the end (too many things on my wishlist!) It’s great to see it on a wrist, though, and with other beads to get a better sense of the size of it. I can see myself wearing it on my wrist and around my neck!

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    • It’s a fantastic bead and thought about it as a pendant after posting this article. I think it would look fabulous on a leather necklace and wish I had thought of it for photos! I personally think you would love it. I completely understand long wish list, mine is constantly growing and somethings get pushed to the side. This bead is well worth it, it’s large and heavy with great detailing.


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