Star Bijou Event Details including Ohm Beads Lovely Hearts Review and three new Spiritbeads!o

Today Beadsaholic brings news of today’s Star Bijou Event, Preview of new Spiritbeads and Ohm Beads Lovely Hearts review!

Going on right now in Berlin Germany is the second Star Bijou Event! The Event started at 11 Am and will go until 6 pm UTC+2. Be sure to visit Beads Event Berlin Vol. 2 on Facebook to follow today’s event. Today at the event is the release of Ohm Beads Lovely Hearts (preview here). I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful bead early and below are some shots I took of Lovely Hearts today!

As you can see Lovely Hearts is a bit bigger than Lucky Moves. I know many will be happy to see this. I don’t have last year’s stars to compare, but you can see it here with glass to compare size.

Ohm Beads Lovely Hearts Is a beautiful bead, there are six silver hearts and one gold heart dangle. I love the way this bead dangles between glass or loosely on a leather as you will see below in my wrist shot.  There are only 777 pieces, comes serialized and has it’s on certificate of authenticity. This bead retails for €142.00 (Price includes vat). If you would like to order this bead you may do so here.

Wrist Shot!

I love it on the leather! You could wear this bead in many different combinations or alone. It’s the perfect addition to any collection, especially if you love hearts.

Details of Beads Event Berlin Vol. 2 

Details courtesy of Star Bijou

On 2nd Juni 2018  from 11 am to 6 pm STAR BIJOU will host the  Beads Event Berlin Vol. 2

Special Guest Julia from Truebeadz

Julia will bring her special event bead – exclusive available at Star Bijou. Furthermore, she will bring retired Beads and some special Beads. During the event she will make some special glass-beads live at our store/event place.

Beside Truebeadz we will have some specials from the following brands: TrollbeadsOhm Beads und Spiritbeads

What you can expect at the BEADS EVENT BERLIN Vol. 2


  • Event Bead Silver – instore / online avilable for preorder from 1st. until 3rd. June only
  • Special Beads – in-store
  • Retired Beads – in-store
  • Uniques – in-store
  • Julia making Beads live at our Event-Space
  • “Lavender Diamond” Deutschland-Event-Exclusive Bead – in-store
  • Trollseco, Troll-Coffee – in-store
  • Trollbeads-Schmuckbox Aktion
  • Große Trollbeads-Auswahl
  • Ohm-Uniques – in-store
  • Ohm Beads Überraschung Vorschau und Vorbestellung bereits am 27. Mai 9:00 Uhr CET
    online and in-store
  • Store Exclusive – in-store
  • Special Summer Bead – online and in-store
  • Surprise – Special Kokeshi LE  

We will have Coffee catering hosted by Mokka Muli and various drinks and snacks for all visitors during the event.

For more Info and picture gallery of our previous event visit:

Also debuting today is…

Spiritbeads Kokeshi Fun-bun Bicolor Limited – this cute Kokeshi is made similar to the sought after original Kokeshi, the differences are that this one is a tad bit smaller (Same size as Kokeshi Tea) and this Kokeshi has 14k gold hair pins. This bead will retail for €89 and will not be available on Star Bijou Website until 6 pm Berlin time. There are only 300 made and 100 will be available in store for shoppers at the event, the rest will be available online this evening.

Spiritbeads Lucky Summer Cat is the coolest cat on the block! Love this cat. He is sporting sunglasses and a beach shirt and is ready for some fun in the sun! He is also feeling a bit fun and sticking his tongue out. This bead will only be available for summer, so if you like this bead be sure to order it before the end of summer! Lucky Summer Cat is available at 6 pm Berlin time today and will retail for €52

Spiritbeads I Love Berlin will be a Star Bijou exclusive and will not be available at any other store. This bead is the perfect addition to the train set! I’ll have reviews up soon! On the front is a Bear with a crown, flowers and says Berlin, on the back it says I ❤ Berlin and has a peace sign, flower and sun. This bead will be an in store exclusive at Star Bijou and will retail for €52

Over all, this will be a fantastic event!!! I wish I were in Berlin right now! I will be sharing videos and more images throughout the weekend on social media so be sure to follow me!

Please remember that the Spiritbeads that are debuting today will not be available until 6 pm Berlin time. Ohm Beads Lovely Hearts as well as Truebeadz Ursa Minor are available on the website now. If you would like to shop this event you may click the banner below.

If you would like more info visit Star Bijou Facebook page here.

As always, I love hearing from you all. Are you attending the event today in person or online? With all the beads debuting for the event, which is your favorite or must have? Be sure to check in with me throughout the day for more photos and videos!



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