Aurora Maggie and Arthur Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Aurora Maggie and Arthur, an exclusive to Pianeta Beads!

Maggie is an adorable little fairy, I could imagine her playing in the woods, running through a field of flowers and just enjoying nature around her. Arthur on the other hand is a mischievous little guy. Both are truly adorable! Aurora Maggie and Arthur are an exclusive to Pianeta Beads in Italy.

It’s summer and I tend to wear more bangles than bracelets during the hot days. I have had fun wearing these two cute beads in several different combinations and I just adore them.

Here I have paired Maggie and Arthur with Ogerbeads.

Aurora Maggie – Baby Pixie is the cutest little fairy, she has a beautiful hat on, trimmed in flowers all the way around, you can see her hair flowing in the back alongside her cute little wings. She has such a sweet expression. Maggie measures approximately 13.04 mm high x 9.51 mm wide and retails for €39.95. 

Aurora Arthur – Baby Ogre has such a mischievous grin as he flips the world off. I love that his hat wraps around the bracelet, which is just a great design. Aurora has truly created an artful design with this bead. The details are amazing. Arthur measures approximately 12.02 mm high x 7.20 mm wide and retails for €39.95. 

The following two photos I have paired both with Trollbeads glass and stones.

Wrist Shots!

Over all, these are two adorable beads that will fit into any collection whether you love the sweet Maggie or the naughty Arthur, both are fun to play with!

If you would like to shop for either of these cute beads, you may do so by clicking the banner link below. Aurora Maggie and Arthur are only available at Pianeta Beads, they offer free shipping with in Europe and vat free shopping for those of us outside Europe.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of these two new beads from Aurora? Have you ordered either of them? Leave me a comment below!






2 responses to “Aurora Maggie and Arthur Review

  1. I’m very happy that I bought Maggie after seeing her in a preview here, she makes me smile. The detailing is amazing, and the expression on that little face is just lovely.


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