Trollbeads World Tour is Back!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the return of Trollbeads World Tour!

Trollbeads World Tour is back for a limited time!

I have personally been collecting Trollbeads World Tour collection for a few years now, some of which have not been easy to find. So, I’m happy to see the re-introduction of this fantastic collection and I’m hoping it’s not short lived, as I would love a chance to finish up a few of my collections. Also, something new is in the past these were only available at Authorized retail stores, I’m happy to see that they are now also available at Trollbeads USA along with the featured retailers here on Beadsaholic.

I thought I would share a few live images of some of the world tour collection I have, so that if you are new to Trollbeads World Tour it will give you an idea of how beautiful these beads actually are, as it’s so hard to tell from a stock image.

I have placed all my beads on one bracelet and my Frog Prince on a bangle.

Please credit Beadsaholic when sharing photos.

I have also included some up-close photos of each individual bead.

Trollbeads The Frog Prince is an adorable frog with a crown and sits on top of a beautiful green glass with buds. Dreaming of your prince charming? Then look no further!  This bead is part of the World Tour in Germany, measures approximately 22.77 mm high x 11.48 mm wide and retails for $65 / €65

“A frog popped its head out of the water and said, “Princess, why do you weep so bitterly?”
“My golden ball has fallen into the spring,” the princess answered.
“If you will love me,” the frog said, “and let me eat from your golden plate and sleep upon your bed, I will bring you back your ball.”

Trollbeads Blooming Sakura is a stunning turquoise based with purple and white cherry blossoms and is part of the World Tour in Japan. This bead varies slightly in size, color and pattern, but as you can see they each are similar. The average size is about 14 mm high, so this is a standard size glass bead. Blooming Sakura retails for $35 / €35

Trollbeads Mountain Crystal varies a good bit from an almost Opaque stone to a clear stone, both examples seen below.  Mountain Crystal is part of the World Tour in Switzerland, because of its resemblance to Swiss glaciers. This bead is a standard size of an average of 14 mm and retails for $35 / €35

Trollbeads Skyline glass bead is a beautiful cobalt blue encased in clear glass with lots of beautiful glitter. It is inspired by the view of the skyline over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong and is part of the World Tour in Hong Kong. This bead is a standard size glass bead averaging about 14 mm and retails for $35 / €35

Trollbeads Love Spoons was one of my very first World Tour beads. As you turn the bead it looks like a weaved basket, a heart shape spoon, shield and lock. This bead measures approximately 11.40 mm high x 11.05 mm wide and retails for $55 / €55 / £50

Trollbeads St Bernard Dog was a lucky find for me a few months ago in a retailer’s old stock. St Bernard dogs are famous rescue dogs and used often at ski resorts in Switzerland. This cute bead is part of the World Tour in Switzerland, measures approximately 11.44 mm high x 9.40 mm wide and retails for $45 / €45

Trollbeads Van Gogh is a stunning sunflower bead with Van Gogh on one side. I am a lover for the arts and Van Gogh is a huge inspiration for me, I am always in awe of his work. So, this was a must have bead for me, so much, that I have two. This work of art was of course inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and is part of the World Tour in The Netherlands. This bead measures approximately 10.58 mm high x 8.30 mm wide and retails for $45 / €45 

Trollbeads English Tea Party is a fantastic bead. Anyone who knows me knows I am totally in love with everything Alice in Wonderland. This bead is part of the World Tour in UK, where Lewis Carroll introduced this English tea party to Alice, the Mad Hatter, The March Hare and The Dormouse. This is a large bead measuring approximately 15.62 mm high x 13.20 mm wide and retails for $65 / €65 / £60

Trollbeads Love Locks was one of my latest additions into my collection and came from a very lovely friend who found it for me. Like in Rome and Paris we have a bridge here in Mississippi that lovers place locks. This bead is part of the World Tour in Italy, it has a lock on each side and a heart infinity on the bottom, measures approximately 10.27 mm high x 7.86 mm wide and retails for $55 / €55 / £50

Trollbeads Pocket Watch was hard to find bead for me, luckily a couple of years ago I was able to buy one second hand from a collector. This bead I wear mostly on my anniversary bracelet. It is a beautiful dangle, on one side it has an 18k gold heart with Love is Timeless engraved, on the other side is a watch face. This bead measures from the top of the watch to the bottom excluding the ring 16.27 mm x 9.59 mm wide and retails for $245 / €245

Wrist Shot!

Here is the complete Trollbeads World Tour Collection.

So, if you have been searching for these beads for years like me, or if you are new to Trollbeads, you will not want to pass some of these up! Trollbeads have brought them back for a limited time, but I don’t know how long they will be around.

If you would like to shop for the World Tour collection, you may do so by visiting any of the links below. Trollbeads USA has the complete collections; however, they only ships with in the USA and this is an affiliate link. All featured Trollbeads Authorized retailers ship world-wide and have a limited amount of stock.

Trollbeads Featured Retailers

(Alphabetical Order)

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Joseph Welch Jewellers – Ships globally from UK

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA


What are your favorite World Tour beads? Do you have the complete collection? Any of these beads on your wish list? I always love hearing from you guys, so leave me a comment below!






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