Out Of This World: Inspiration Featuring Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads!

Today Beadsaholic brings a little inspiration and a review of some of Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads Celestial themed beads.

Recently Redbalifrog released their Celestial Bodies collection and I must say it is stunning! I have noticed a few pieces are gaining popularity on social media as well. I was excited to see a new Alien bead “Alien Skull” along with the addition of Earth. As soon as I saw the release I knew that the Alien Skull would go perfectly with Ohm Beads UFO!

Seen here is Redbalifrog Star Stopper, Redbalifrog Luna, Ohm Beads Night Sky, and Ohm Beads UFO.

Seen Here is Trollbeads Wishful Sky, Redbalifrog Alien Skull, Ohm Beads Night Sky, Redbalifrog Earth and Redbalifrog Star Stopper.

If you have the previously released Redbalifrog Luna, then as you can see below the new Earth is the same size, which is great for those who like a balanced bracelet.

Redbalifrog Earth is a nice size bead that can fit anywhere on a bracelet. I also have Trollbeads Big Earth which is substantially Larger. Trollbeads Earth I tend to wear more as a focal, where the Redbalifrog Earth will fit more into the design of a bracelet or bangle. Both are fantastic, but if you have the larger one, then you may want to get this one as well to use in designs where the larger may not fit in as well. Redbalifrog Earth measures approximately 12.90 mm high x 11.63 mm wide and this bead retails for $37 / €31,50 / £28

Below you will find photos of Redbalifrog Earth at every angle, showing the full details of this beautiful bead.

Macros Shot!

Redbalifrog Alien Skull is a magnificent bead. I adore the design and it’s different from most Alien themed beads, but keeps the same large oval eyes many of us remember from old alien movies. This is the perfect bead for an out of this world composition! Alien Skull measures approximately 14.68 mm high x 11.75 mm wide and retails for $44 / €37 / £33

Below I have included photos of Alien Skull at each angle, I really love the details of the back of the bead as well.

Macros Shot!

Ohm Beads UFO is a fantastic realistic unidentified flying object that you would expect to see in Alien movies over the last several decades. As you look at this UFO from each angle you can see the light detailing and even some crash marks! Reminds me a lot of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I have lots of plans for this bead which I’m sure many of you will see on social media. If you are looking for a nice size UFO bead, then this is a must have! This bead sits at an angle, which gives it an illusion of flying, for those who have the Ohm Beads ball Necklace will find that this bead fits and looks fabulous on it, for the perfect Sci-Fi look! UFO measures approximately 11 mm high x 15 mm wide and retails $70 / €65 / £58

I have also included photos of Ohm Beads UFO at different angles.

Macros Shot!

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I’m totally in love with the latest collection from Redbalifrog and the Ohm Beads UFO. I love wearing them together and I am so excited to be able to combine these beads. Though it’s hard to tell in photos, the Ohm Beads Night Sky and Trollbeads Wishful Sky gives off such a beautiful glitter sparkle that resembles stars and gives the perfect space staging!

If you would love to own these beads too, then check out the links below!

Redbalifrog Authorized retailers in the USA

Uptown Shop

Hartwell House

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Brown Dog Antiques 

Featured Authorized Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads Retailers in Europe

Beads Fanatic 

Joseph Welch Jewellers 


Pianeta Beads 

Star Bijou


I am totally stoked about these beads and would love to hear your thoughts and idea, so leave me a comment below!







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