Ogerbeads Connecting, Star Anise and Aedon Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ogerbeads Connecting, Star Anise and Aedon!

It’s no secret that I am fond of Ogerbeads glass beads, but recently Ogerbeads expanded their line to include sterling silver beads. So, today I’m sharing with you two silver designs and a glass design. Being that it has been a super-hot Summer most of my designs have been on bangles or cloth wraps, as it’s cooler to wear and doesn’t stick to you as much. When putting a bangle together I tend to lean towards balance and when balancing I lean towards duplicates. Ogerbeads glass beads come in both classic and universal core on the official Ogerbeads website and comes in universal core only at Pianeta Beads. Classic cores will only fit Trollbeads and smaller bracelets, while universal fits all brands. All silver beads are universal.

I’m using a Trollbeads Bangle and stoppers alongside Ogerbeads in this composition.

Ogerbeads Connecting is an abstract design that adds a lot of texture to any composition and will work well in any combination. Connecting measures approximately 11.19 mm high x 7.05 mm wide and retails for 32, price includes vat.

“Sometimes life may seem so random. But when you’re finally able to connect the dots, the true fabric of life unravels and magic appears.” – Ogerbeads 

Ogerbeads Star Anise is a beautiful floral herb design. This is one of my favorites from the silver line. The design is well executed. Star Anise measures approximately 12.20 mm high x 6.65 mm wide and retails for 37, price includes vat.

“Star Anise is a magic herb used to ward off the Evil Eye. This spice also has magical healing properties especially when used to gain insight and psychic awareness.” – Ogerbeads

Ogerbeads Aedon Pixiedust Fragments is a stunning bead of red, clear and lilac with glitter pixie dust throughout. I love that these beads are faceted which catches even more light. Ogerbeads have great control over bead size when producing and each of these beads average about 14 mm high x 7.5 mm wide and retails for 32, price includes vat.

I have included several photographs at different angles to show the beautiful details of this bead.

Wrist Shot!

I have stacked Ogerbeads here with a Cristy Cali Banana Leaf Cuff Bangle.

Over all, these are fantastic beads that will look fabulous in any composition and I think many of you will love them, as I do.

If you would like to browse Ogerbeads you may do so at either of the banner links below. Both offer vat free shopping for those of us outside of Europe.

As always, I love hearing from you guys, so leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of Ogerbeads!






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