Spiritbeads Retirement 2018

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of Spiritbeads Retirement!

With the new releases today from Spiritbeads also came the news of retiring beads. Spiritbeads Kokeshi, Kokeshi 2.0, Endless Knot and Rocky will be permanently retired as of August 1st, 2018. So, if these are on your wish list, don’t wait much longer to pick them up! Once August comes they will be no more.

“The first Kokeshi Dolls are dated back to the Edo Era (1603-1868) and were produced in the Northern region of Japan. The wooden figures are strong simplified forms of women or girls, mostly made in a cylindrical shape with round heads. Over the years an own direction of handicraft has emerged, which is specialized in producing only Kokeshi dolls. Needless to say, every region and every designer developed his own style. Originally the Kokeshi were intended as a toy as well as a talisman which was said to bring fertility and abundant harvest. As a gift it is expressing appreciation of your friends and other acquaintances.” `Spiritbeads 

Spiritbeads Kokeshi was the very first Kokeshi available from Spiritbeads and it was produced only in silver and as you can see the hole goes from the head to the feet of the bead. This bead measures approximately 9.93 mm high x 13.39 mm wide and retails for €45, price includes vat.

Spiritbeads Kokeshi 2.0 is the second beautiful doll made by Spiritbeads, this bead comes in both silver and 14ct gold finishes. This bead measures approximately 13.40 mm high x 9.80 mm wide.

  • Spiritbeads Kokeshi 2.0 Silver retails for €48
  • Spiritbeads Kokeshi 2.0 Gold retails for €640

Spiritbeads Endless Knot Round Silver will also be retiring today. Which I’m sad to see leaving the collection as it is such a fabulous bead and I need to get a second one before they are gone! The Endless knot is such a beautiful design and if you would like to see more photos of how I have used this bead, visit here. Endless Knot Round measures approximately 10.90 mm high x 8.65 mm wide and retails for €45, price includes vat.

Spiritbeads Rocky is also retiring and I must say, if you don’t own this bead you should really take a closer look as this bead is just too cute! It sits perfectly on your wrist and comes in a variety of finishes. Rocky measures approximately 12.79 mm high x 12.10 mm wide.

  • Spiritbeads Rocky retails for €52
  • Spiritbeads Rock with Diamonds retails for €158
  • Spiritbeads Rocky with Black Diamonds retails for €128
  • Spiritbeads Rocky Black retails for €78
  • Spiritbeads Rocky Black with Diamonds retails for €189
  • Spiritbeads Rocky Black with Black Diamonds retails for €148
  • Spiritbeads Rocky Gold retails for €750
  • Spiritbeads Rocky Gold with Diamonds retails for €780

Wrist Shot! 

Over all, there are some very special beads retiring and if you don’t have these, I highly recommend adding them to your collection.

If you would like to shop the retired Spiritbeads, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below.

As always, I love hearing from you all! Do you see any must haves before they are all gone? Do you have any of these beads that are retiring?







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