True Beadz Stronghold Exclusive at Beads Fanatic!

Today Beadsaholic is unveiling the True Beadz Stronghold, an exclusive at Beads Fanatic!

Exciting news on September 7th through September 10, 2018 Beads Fanatic will be hosting their very first event “Bead Fiesta“, and a fiesta it will be! Not only do they have fabulous food planned for those who will be there in person, but will be hosting the event in store and online. There will be uniques, exclusives, giveaways, retired and rare beads available. And of course, what we are all waiting for today’s unveiling of the True Beadz Event bead Stronghold!

True Beadz Stronghold is a beautiful stone structure fortified to protect the kingdom on your bracelet! As you can see the bottom is open like some of the previously made structures from True Beadz, which allows for a dangle to hang down from within the Stronghold bead. This bead is limited to only three-hundred (300) pieces and will retail for €65, including vat. As of right now there is no pre-order; however, everyone will have a chance to buy this bead during the Bead Fiesta Event September 7, through September 10, 2018, so mark your calendars!

Here you can see the front, back and see that the top is open as well, So, this bead can be worn several different ways. If you look closely you will see that each bead has a bat engraved on the wall. This is a symbol for Valencia, Spain which is often seen throughout the city.

Have a fantasy necklace Or Ball Necklace? Then this bead would make the perfect splitter. I love how it is styled here with the T for True Beadz Dangle. I imagine it would look even better with the True Beadz Fire Bird Dangle! The possibilities are endless.

Over all, if you are a True Beadz collector or just have a love for medieval styled beads, then you will not want to miss this bead. It is beautifully detailed with lots of styling options.

Again, today is just the unveiling and Stronghold will not be available until the event starting September 7, 2018! Be sure to follow Beads Fanatic on Facebook, Bead Fiesta Event page and Instagram. Also, stay tuned here on the blog as a review and any updates will be shared here on Beadsaholic!

Want to browse True Beadz at Beads Fanatic? Click the banner link below.

As always, I love hearing from you all? Do you love the True Beadz Stronghold bead? Will you be attending the Bead Fiesta event online or in store? Leave me a comment below ❤






11 responses to “True Beadz Stronghold Exclusive at Beads Fanatic!

  1. This is an amazing bead and so perfect for Beads Fanatic. I am sure it is going to break the Internet when they go online as we all scramble to get one. I am sure my Flamenco sheep would look perfect beside it. Thanks for all the info. I have my fingers crossed!

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