Seaside with Redbalifrog

Today Beadsaholic brings a look at seaside themed beads by Redbalifrog!

Summer is winding down and soon we will be thinking about fall compositions and Halloween, but for now it’s still hot here in the south and I’m longing to be seaside. So, the next best thing is beautiful Redbalifrog beads by the lake!

Redbalifrog Mermaid Tail Pendant works perfectly on a bracelet or on a long necklace. This is a large pendant, but lays on the wrist beautifully. For those who would like to know the measurements from top of tail to bottom it measures approximately 42.90 mm high x 26.57 mm wide and retails for $98 / €98 / £87.50

Redbalifrog Mermaid Lock is one of the most elegant locks across all brands. It is a chunky beautifully detailed lock. This lock measures approximately 14.62 from front to back of lock and 27.93 from lock to lock. The Mermaid Lock retails for $65 / €62 / £55

The Redbalifrog Dolphin Tiki is long retired but, I feel looks magical in this composition. I have been collecting this brand for many years now and have an extensive collection and I must say this is one of my many favorite beads from this brand.

Redbalifrog Sea Urchin is a fantastically textured bead that is a must have on any sea themed bracelet or bangle. I love the feel and look of this bead. Sea Urchin measures approximately 12.38 mm high x 9.38 mm wide and retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50

Redbalifrog Whale is just too adorable with such a cute expression on his face. I love how the tail wraps around the bracelet. This bead measures approximately 14.79 mm high x 9 mm wide x 15 mm tail to head and retails for $37 / €31.50 / £28.00

Redbalifrog Shelly Mix is a beautiful detailed mix of shells, you see a different shell at each turn of the bead. This is such a perfect memory bead to remind us of time spent shell hunting on the beach. Shelly Mix measures approximately 13.02 mm high x 10.22 mm and retails for $37 / €31.50 / £28.00

Redbalifrog Seahorse is one of the most beautiful sea beads from this brand. If you are familiar with Redbalifrog, then you know this theme is one of their most prominent lines, Redbalifrog truly captures sea-life in their designs! The Seahorse measures approximately 23.95 mm high x 11.68 mm wide and retails for $37 / €28.50 / £25.50

Redbalifrog Nautilus Shell is a beautiful ancient symbol of renewal and expansion. This bead has beautiful detailing on both sides and is perfect in every way. Nautilus Shell measures approximately 13.82 mm high x 10.74 mm wide and retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50

Redbalifrog has two different sea turtles, Turtle Dude and Sea Turtle Hatchling. Both are beautiful designs and work well together and alongside the beautiful Redbalifrog White Pearl.

Redbalifrog Turtle Dude retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50

Redbalifrog White Pearl retails for $46 / €41 / £36

Redbalifrog Sea Turtle Hatchling retails for $37 / €31.50 / £28

Wrist Shot!

Over all, if you love sea-themed beads, then you must take a closer look at the Redbalifrog line. Each bead is beautifully detailed, chunky with a nice weight at a great value. As you can see I love mixing the sea-themed beads with pearls and turquoise for the perfect seaside experience. I will definitely be wearing this to Biloxi Beach first of September!

If you would like to browse the Redbalifrog line, you may do so at any of the following links. All offer world-wide shipping and Redbalifrog USA has revamped their website and it is up and running again.

Redbalifrog Authorized Retailers


Redbalifrog USA

Uptown Shop

Hartwell House

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Brown Dog Antiques 

Europe Featured Retailers 

Beads Fanatic 

Joseph Welch Jewellers 


Pianeta Beads 

Star Bijou


As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know if you are in love with the Redbalifrog beach themes bead, as much as I am? Which are your favorites? Which do you have? Any late summer plans to take a beach vacation? If so, where to? Leave me a comment below!






2 responses to “Seaside with Redbalifrog

  1. They look so beautiful together and I just love the ocean so I’m a fan! Late summer vacations?… hmm, a visit to see my Granddaughter near the beach and also the plan is to try to attend the fall bead fests, which are all by the water, #foreversummer, I can’t wait! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that sounds like so much fun!! Bead Fest at Trollbeads Gallery? That is one I so want to go to one year! I’m going to Ohm10 later this month and hope to spend the afternoon at Biloxi Beach on my way home. I hope you have fun by the water and at the event! 💜


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